I'm just thinking out loud here. How much money should a guy earn to save up money for wedding in a year, if he's not getting any financial help from his parents or partner? I always wonder how a person can say things like, "mana boleh kahwin free-free je, nak kahwin anak dara orang mestilah berduit" so if a guy is the love of your life, you've been through hell and back with him does that not count for something? It's definitely not free for both part kan?

In my understanding, marriage is to halalkan the relationship in the eyes of Allah. So I think it is supposed to be easy to marry someone you love. Asalkan ada cukup duit untuk tanggung your future family and cukup duit for mas kahwin. 

So what's up with family members or society in general yang put so much pressure on duit hantaran? I don't get it. Is it for show? Is it necessary to put a price on someone you love? 

I think the bride to be plays an IMPORTANT role in this, she needs to explain in simple words that the groom to be is an average guy with an average income. He can financially support certain things but to come up with a HUGE sum of money is almost impossible or maybe it will take more time. 

Of course I'm talking about an average guy here, If you are marrying someone above average than it's up to you demand macam-macam.

Family can be understanding, we just need to give them a chance. This is something new to our society especially Malay yang suka obsess dengan adat. So, it takes time and perseverance. Keep reminding them why you plan on marrying this guy...

There's no such thing as 'senang dapat, senang blah' come to think of it, banyak je orang yang kahwin wedding gah bak royalty end up in separation *tengok artis Malaysia*

So... renung-renungkan lah... 

p/s: I am priceless so no price tag on me baby please... 

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