Anniversary Wish for the guy who sleeps beside me every night.


5 years ago on this date we met for the first time, though I never expected you to be short and skinny.

You are obnoxious.
You are painstaking.
You made me put on a lot of weight.

But despite trials and challenges,

1 year ago on this date we joyously tie the knot so this is what I call destiny.

You are my destiny.
You are my prayer.
You are the best life companion I thought I could never find.

Thank you for being my husband although I rarely cook for you nor clean the house.
Thank you for being who you are and I get to bully you!
Thank you for being so tolerant because I know I’m a pain in the you-know-where.

Happy Anniversary Love, I hope we remain the same happy but irksome couple FOREVER! hahahaha

p/s: you know there's no surprise anniversary gift for you right? I'm cheapo like that ahahahahaha I know you still love me ihihihihihi

p/p/s: ooopppssss... i didn't realise there's people reading this conversation. Oh yeah, i post it on my blog -_________-"

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