lavish or simple?

hello. dont ask me where i've been to all these while. you seriously dont want to know haha.

anyway, wedding seasons is on so i thought maybe i should start reviving my blog soon or it will forever be unattended. i decided today is the day =D hehehe

I know some of us always says that we want a simple wedding, but at the end of the day, who are we kidding? Come on lah, we are living in a community where a simple wedding will cost more than RM50k. That's including caterer lah.

Simple to you may not seems simple to me and simple to me may not seems at all simple to you. we all have our own way of defining simple. But i hate it when some people said that they had a simple wedding yet i cant seems to grasp what is it that simple?

Mat salehs' definition of a simple wedding ceremony is beetul2 simple, attended by only very very close friends and family. everything is simple from the deco, the dress to the venue held.

i think i prefer that kind of a simple wedding but since i am living in a community where everybody knows each other, i cannot have that kind of simple wedding. My family thinks we are doing a good deed by inviting the whole kampung to join the wedding. "Niat sedekah bagi orang makan" according to her.

But I have to say, Im proud of myself because i manage to keep my wedding simple in terms of everything else. Literally!!

So now it's your turn!!! Don't be afraid to be simple!!! You can save A LOT of money. You can use that money elsewhere like spending on honeymoon or house down payment etc. Probably not everybody is as frugal as me but seriously, that satisfaction you feel looking at your wedding photos will not guarantee happiness.

A lavish wedding is a trend, everybody wants to splurge on their wedding day. Someday, you'll be glad that you are one of very few Malaysian who did not jump into the bandwagon.


p/s: This post intended to average income brides to be, or bakal suami yang average income. if you think you can sedekah kat orang miskin at the same time still mampu buat wedding grand, well, then, knock yourself out!!!

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4 Responses to lavish or simple?

  1. Moose says:

    spot on zara! tapi ade jugak org claim wedding dia simple tapi like you said, i don't see any simplicity in it pun!!

  2. more review pls. yupp, the term simplicity is very subjective. depends on pengantin la kan.

  3. Wani says:

    So true!!!You put it well in here ^_^ and i've been missing update in here T-T finally ^_^ weeee!!

  4. ZARA says:


    ikr... hahaha should just say what it is.


    coming up!!! kemalasan sangat memuncak sekarang! hehe


    thank u... nnti i update lg k? hihihi