I ♥ New Zealand

Now that Air Asia fly direct to Christchurch, everybody can go experience New Zealand!! You can even opt for Air Asia flat bed and still pay cheaper than what we paid!

I don't think how much we spent for air fare is relevant anymore, so i'll just update on the place we stay first.

Executive Accommodation

We initially plan to stay in Christchurch one night then rent a campervan and drive to Queenstown, then probably we get to go Lake Tekapo, Lake Wanaka. But it was just the two of us and we need a place that spells HONEYMOON, and sleeping in a motor homes just totally off the subject.

So i started googling here and there which finally land us a jackpot!

I love LOVE love the place we stayed. It's actually a house complete with everything! seriously everything. A perfect place for us!

To be honest, we are two odd couples who prefer to stay in bed during our stay there. Because the view from our apartment was magnificent. We enjoy watching the view from our bed. Literally from our bed.

Nice kan? Surely now you understand why we couldn't get out of bed ;) ehehehe

Here's other pics of the room

and then, if you step out of the room, you'll find an outdoor seating with griller!!

and Outdoor Spa!!!

Anyway, when we first arrive at the house we couldn't believe we paid on NZ$200 for this beautiful room. The house is big, and it'll cost u NZ$495-$595 for the whole house. and it'll be worth the money, serious! we've seen the other rooms, there is one room with queen bed on the second floor with another bathroom, living room, balcony and kitchen.

On the same floor as our room there's another bathroom and two rooms, one with bunk beds and sofa bed, the other with queen bed. both with view of Lake Wakatipu.

As i was exploring the house, my sweet husband was exploring the kitchen

here are the views from upstairs

If you notice, most pictures were taken indoor. It was summer but the temperature was 16 degree Celsius!! plus on the day we arrived, wind was blowing like crazy! bbbbrrrrr... freaking cold!!!

we spent the whole evening at home. *memanaskan badan* ahahahahahha baru summer, i cant imagine those traveling here during winter! beku!

Hokay, that's it for now. I'll update more on the places we went on the next update! Owh and one more thing, here's the website link to the house we stayed. There are actually other houses, just browse through see which you think most suits ur holiday plan =D


p/s: The thing i miss the most about NZ is the Hoki Fish. We ate THE MOST delicious fish and chips ever in our life during our trip to Lake Wanaka!!! untuk lepaskan rindu, makan McD fillet o fish... jadi lah...

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6 Responses to I ♥ New Zealand

  1. jooleata says:

    zara! header you cantik.. adore it much..

    miss you, lama xnmpak dah..

  2. ZARA says:


    thank u darling, i like it too! owh and i miss u guys too!!! insya-Allah i cuba tak menghilangkan diri lg!

  3. LisaLisut says:

    Zara!!! header u sgt cantik!!!!!!!!!!!

    nk g NZ jugak,bole?hehehe.duitnya dong..

  4. ZARA says:


    terima kasih!!! i pon suka header tu. hihi neway, air asia promo hr tu tixs murah!!! tunggu next promo!!!

  5. Rai says:

    the scenery so breathtaking. sigh i dah ter-miss the new zealand nyerh promotion by air asia sbb tak sabar beli ticket awal. but i will consider this place for the next trip in future. outdoor spa tuh nampak niceeeeee untuk rendam lama2.

  6. ZARA says:


    yeah, next trip dear!!! a must visit holiday destination!!! btw, kitorg tak rendam pon dalam spa tu. tak tahan sejuk angin kuat, walaupon hot bath. bbbrrrr...