I ♥ New Zealand *Part 2*

Im suppose to update a little yesterday but i was bit occupied by few things. anyway, here's an update on Day Two of our stay at Queenstown.

the sun rose early, earlier than us. i think 6am local time looks almost like noon. At first i thought we overslept, both of us reluctant to get out of bed because there's heater on the bed so the bed warm and cozy.

anyway, we managed to throw ourselves in the shower and head down the town.

we bought the sweaters then and there, i thought i can bare the temperature. like these people... pakai T-shirt je kot. but hey!!! i was kidding myself...

After a few strolls around the park we went to a local mart for food, i think tak silap we bought sandwiches and chips. as we were driving back, look what we found

Proton!!! Bangga ok?

Anyway, after lunch and golek-golek, we head back to the the park because we have a cruise around Lake Wakatipu.

Before we went out,

semua muka tahan sejuk. Here's more pictures of him.

Im not in most of the pictures because i'm the one holding the camera! my pictures are all in the camcorder. so enjoy watching him yeah? ahaha

After the cruise we went to ARROWTOWN!!!

on the way punya scenery

Actually masa sampai, most shops are closed!!! i think that was around 5pm kot. Sedih :( but we didn't come to shop pon :p ehehehe

buat lawak! Then, we head back to Queenstown. We took a stroll down at the park. Tengok-tengok orang... Tengok-tengok pokok... BEST!!

i guess i don't have to do the writing here right?

ok!! That's all for Day Two. Next update will be about our trip to Lake Wanaka!!!

till the next post, Have a nice weekend people!!!

p/s: I'll be working next Monday!!! My husband is getting tired of me lazing around the house doing nothing. A useless housewife according to my mom. Haha. So, instead of 3 months internship starting September, i start 3 months earlier plus the existing 3 months. Wish me Luck!!

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9 Responses to I ♥ New Zealand *Part 2*

  1. reena says:

    Cantiknya New Zealand! Dah lama teringin nak pi. Kalau tak dapat pi NYC/London, dapat jejak kaki kat NZ pun jadilah. Hehe.

  2. ZARA says:


    tu lah, mmg cantik. rasa takmo balik!! bila nak pegi lagi tak tau. kalau ikut plan lagi 10 tahun! sebab lepas ni insya-Allah kalau ada rezeki nak pergi Ireland pulak. Pastu nak pegi Bosnia. Haih. banyak nya tempat nak pergi!!

  3. bestnya!! semua pic cantik!!!

  4. ZARA says:


    dah tempat tu cantik, i pon effortless je amek gambar. ahaha

  5. LisaLisut says:

    NZ is really a beautiful country... teringinnye..berharap 1 hari ade rezki smpai le sana.huhu.

    u dgn husband u sgt cute k.serius.hehe

  6. bestnyer Zara. this is the country that i really want to go. dulu cecita nak honeymoon g NZ, tapi bila prepared about wedding, huh, dah tak mampu dah :) more pics pls :)

  7. Rai says:

    cantik nyerh scenery. the pics pon sgt cantik. cant wait for other parts hehe.

  8. more pic pleaseee..hehehe..wish to be there..

    oh btw dear..i still owe u something..huaaa~~ sorry eh..

  9. wahhhh bestnyer p NZ!!