Review on Videographer

Thank u so much to our videographer LHmedia. They did a great job. Honestly, i was a bit concerned watching most of their previous work, the storyline... the plot... most of them are cheesy... u know with the running and hugging from the back but my husband who was then my fiancé advise to just hire them and let them know what's my likes and dislike.

i think i mention before that ikmal and i we were looking for HD package and LHmedia offers HD 1080 at a very affordable price. So we grab them!

Anyway, LHmedia did fantastic job with the highlight video. They listen to us and produced the video exactly to our liking. The guy that's responsible for this great GREAT video is Lukman Hakim, he's brilliant. Very punctual, independent and obviously a good listener. He was assisted by Amru & Badrul Ismail.

I haven't seen the whole thing, just this video. I'm waiting for OP to post soft copies of our photos so to email to Lukman for DVD album cover etc. And i also need to wait for mom to come back from London as we'll be needing her approval for the other videos. She requested that there'll b no background music what so ever, so... will have to go Lukman's office together with mom.

ok... about the video.

I know it'll be a great one the moment i saw the first part when my sisters Ardini, Amiza, Atiza and Afie was saying hello hai hello hai. Hahahahha... Which shows how important my sisters are to me. then my least favourite part of the video. me crying and my horrid speech...

As most of you already know I have a stepmother. and she's been in our family since early 90s so... she means a lot to me... hence the crying...

hokay... off with the tears...

my next favourite part of the video is when Angah started bebel with her Negeri Sembilan accent. haha. that's Angah alright! FYI, most people from Alor Gajah cakap accent Negeri Sembilan, probably because Alor Gajah is sempadan Melaka and Negeri. Sembilan.

then come this part, hahahaha LOL the part when Our Kampung Imam asked me whether i rela or not to be married to Ikmal... Hahahahhaah dduhhh??? Obviously!!! memang rela kot! so dengan tak cover2 nya me answered with mulut ternganga2... hahahahah

I notice a lot of me ternganga2 in the video. If there's a contest of most sopan santun girl i'll probably come last. Definitely. And i sighed a lot. A LOT a lot. Haih... not good.

OK, ok... this part... another favourite... my dad, "INGATKAN MACAM MAIN PONDOK-PONDOK" Hahahahahha... well he confessed! LOL very funny my Abah. He thought we are not serious about getting married... Hahahahaha

then my sister Atiza, "AND YOU SORANG JE BOLEH HANDLE DIA TAU... KALAU TAK DIA LIKE GILA... SO..." Hahahaha... well said! then my weeping sister Anisah... alalalalalalalla and weeping Ardini. aaahhhh...

the next part is definitely us. the real us. with me shouting. hahaha. Ikmal, "SEKARANG DAH SIGN... SO... TUNGGU LAH" LOL... i can't believe that's me shouting... baru kahwin dah jerit kat suami. hahahhaha. terok betul.

Pastu adalah here and there, the akad part... the one i mentioned before about the stupid saksi... tu akad yang last... me geleng geleng and nak ketok the saksi who was sitting exactly in front of me with my hand bouquet. geram betul...

and the last part we sang 'I DO' *wink*

so there you are... our wedding... actually really simple, no lavish decor... just family and friends enjoying each other's company ;) at the end of the day... only that matters... I'm most content!

p/s: Lukman's description of the video on FB is "A Very Hot Date & Cool Bride. Nikah & Dinner 1.1.11" Hahahaha... Cool bride???? i'm flattered..

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7 Responses to Review on Videographer

  1. LisaLisut says:

    yes u cool bride! :)

  2. jooleata says:

    love it zara! gojes bride~

  3. hahah..i also love what LHMedia did for my wedding highlights..

    i tengok video u from his fb then now i found your blog..btw..i follow u :)

  4. ZARA says:


    Hahaha cool lah sangat!


    thanks dear ;)


    owh hello... =) small world!

  5. are my 100 follower!!!something is waiting for u :..i will contact u later..

  6. khani says:

    mampir nich...
    menarik sekali blog anda dan saya menyukainya..
    oh ya ada sedikit info nich tentang bibit jabon semoga bermanfaat...

  7. yaya says:

    ur wedding is what i have been dreaming off.. :)

    would u mind sharing with me how you do with the lights at ur tree..

    suraya the twins is a friend of mine too! :)