it's so surreal

we just cant stop watching our wedding highlights clip by LHMedia. Honest. Everyone, including my sisters and even my mom kat London pon. I actually receive a lot of good feedback from people around me. Some SMS, some whatsapp some FB some even called me. colleague of friends and family also started inquiring about the video.

I honestly didnt expect such massive response. to you maybe it's not that huge but it's the opposite to me. You see, my wedding is plain. in terms of everything, if you analyse it bit by bit, you'll come to see that it's actually tersangat lah cincai. So to have people coming to you and said you have a beautiful wedding is sort of bizzare.

It's not that i dont think i had a beautiful wedding, i do. but it's my wedding... of course i'll say it's beautiful... haha... u get what i mean?

plus, we didnt spent much. Honest!

So my beautiful readers... doesn't matter if you have a small budget. sort out your priorities okay? To be honest, aside from food, I think I spent the most on OV. because to me, memories is what matters most. I want every emotion to be captured, every smile, laugh and tears.

I think I mentioned before about me growing up watching my parents' wedding video, so i want my children to be able and look at the video and feel the emotions, the celebration, the happiness.

i think i know some of you may think it'll be wise to just ask your cousin or nephew or brother to help you capture the video. but let me just be blunt, that's rubbish! this is just from my point of view okay... feel free to disagree.

trust me when I say, investing on a good videographer is necessary. they are professional and they know what they are doing.

and one more thing, beautiful does not mean beautiful to see... like people, a person can be as beautiful as an angel but if her heart is as black as the devil's it wont be beautiful anymore isnt it?

beautiful can also mean beautiful to feel, like when you are in love... the guy you are in love with probably looks like Abang Bangla who help you pump your fuel at the pump station... but the feeling you get being in love with him, it's beautiful isn't it?

I did mention that the only deco we had on my wedding is the pompom flowers the lights and roses for the high table. tu pon cam sadis je. haha

so again my sayangs... it's okay to be envious of other people who had a lavish grand wedding *in my case it's Marion Caunter's, ahaks* we are human, not robots. but just dont let these feeling take control over you okay?

Another tip when sorting out what to include or not in your wedding is list everything into two: WANTS AND NEEDS


everything you want, like a dress from Rizalman or worse, Vera Wang. Pelamin gempak ala NGI. Grand venue that cost thousands of RM.


a decent looking wedding dress from nobody. feed guests of good food. a clean place to held you event. a good photographer and videographer.

these are just example.

Then when you list out the needs, list out what's most important. if to you, *like me* videographer is most important, place extra budget on that. but please, another reminder... go look for videographer that has good quality with reasonable pricing. just because you have more budget on something doesn't mean you can just go pick anything that's pricey, quality is the most important thing to put into consideration.

Look for vendors that has never endorse any celebrity because they tend to be a bit pricey. There are lots and lots of vendors who has good and sometimes superb quality without you having to spend so much.

So i think that's about it for today.

I think by now, you already know that Im the kind of gal who hates jumping on the band wagon. So I hate Wordless Wednesday. One person does it, brilliant! 10 more person doing it, fine... when there are hundreds of them, you puke!

Have a great day today people!!!

p/s: I have a beautiful wedding because I have a beautiful husband, family, friends and of course... the beautiful me... ahaks!

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7 Responses to it's so surreal

  1. LisaLisut says:

    hahahaha.i sengih baca.need to list down wants and needs(still could not afford to hv Videographer la babe tp takpela i redha hahah )

    anyway,thats why i punya not so wordless wednesday.i xbole tahan menulis berjela dr letak sekeping gmbr.;p

    i love ur wedding ^_^-->lg2 part small budget utk attires tp gorgeous gilaaa baju nya.

  2. laling, mmg best video tu..i'm so envy...kalaulah dapat putar balik, mmg i xamik OP tu huhu sedih!

  3. milo says:

    sgt sweet video tuh la zara. suka!!
    i dunno y but i love everythg about ur wed~~

  4. iedchan says:

    nice vidz...i b2b from melaka jugakk...jom exchange link...:P

  5. Moose says:

    a beautiful wedding is very subjective. but i personally think, you had one. love the emotion captured and also i love the fact that you're not behaving like a typical bride. major plus point! hehe.

  6. balik rumah baru bleh tgk video tu. anyway, u really had a beautiful wedding. congrats to u again! owh, kalau mampu, haruslah I juga amik Videographer, tp ape kan daye. owh, skang berusaha gigih nak edit video dari videographer amatur nie. hehehe