Review on Bertandang

Hokay. Im late again updating my reviews. Haha. No excuse this time. So Bertandang reviews... not much photos to update with, and nothing much actually. Everything is arranged my MIL. Except our baju.

Will start on baju first okay, both outfits are from Uday. He's very efficient and according to memet my godbrother he is quite famous in Bandung. Uday offers packages that suits your budget, we took the cheapest, which was IDR 3,000,000/ RM1k. For both bride and groom. Except for my inner white dress, that was made by a tailor in Melaka, workmanship RM150 =) hihi

His workmanship is superb! the material provided was magnificent. however, i was a bit disappointed with myself, during the fitting we were actually from Jakarta so we were all exhausted. When we came to Uday's place and saw this beautiful dress me aunty ritta and Ikmal, we were too excited that nobody reminded me to wear my corset first.

i totally forgot, it really slipped my mind. so it was horrible. when we came back and my inner white dress is ready, the outer dress is kinda loose. it doesnt fit me well. Being me, minah cincai... i thought i should just go through with the wedding tapi mom insisted on finding a tailor that could fix it.

So i went to Nik Erwan. Thank God that he's available to help me, but since the dress is very fragile and the beading is overwhelming all he did was just sew a bit part of the back around my waist to make it smaller. Not much but it looks better. Oklah... the show must go on kan!

So that's about it on the dress.

for the shoes, it was really a last minute white wedges with one white strap and another transparent strap, sorry no picture, it's super plain simple. no blings, nothing. i think it was about RM35? tak silap. from Vincci.

what else...

owh the veil. my mom's friend help made it. it's a white silk chiffon cut into u shape and jahit tepi. siap. again no bling. super simple. i didn't wear any earrings, bracelet or necklace. except my watch and rings lah.

I know Aunty Ritta will not be around to persistently ask me to wear jewelry so haha i made full use of that advantage.

There's not much decor i think. lupa. no pelamin. no kompang. very simple. event starts at 12pm we came at 12.30pm we sit and eat then we mingle. hihi...

the only thing my parents in law splurge on was the food. It was Adnor Catering, the food was awesome! two thumbs and toes up! I'll ask Ikmal for the caterer's number and post it up on the next update eh?

Here's more photos of us and friends..

me and Sheda

us with some of his colleague

his friends

his younger brother Ikhwan and wife Yana and Putri

Ara's twin, Awin staring at me... hahahaha

me and my beloved Cica... aahhh... miss her so damn much!

Look at these two naughty kids... that's our bilik pengatin... his mom did the deco.

Cica siap curik this. buat souvenir she said. kuangkuang

Yeayyy... Siap! Pheww... next update... HONEYMOON!!!

p/s: a sedara of mine also hires Adnor for their wedding, masa bertandang tu baru tau. haha. distinctive betul rasa dia.

p/s/s: sorry if u think this update a bit Cincai, though i always post cincai update but i think this is worst. i'm sleepy. this is a scheduled entry. hehe. ok bye.

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6 Responses to Review on Bertandang

  1. LisaLisut says:

    mekap u cantik la zara.flawless.natural.soft.semua lah.yg best nya bajet utk buat baju u adalah budget semua pengantin gilaaaaaaa

  2. sis zara ni memang pandai save bajet. outcome cantik dan duit tak banyak melayang. i adore u la sis.

  3. amElyn says:

    superb beb! bravo. =DDD

  4. sangat murah ok baju 1k leh dpt for both. dah lah ur dress tu cantik. haaa, mekap yg ni i terjatuh cinta. hehehe...