Parents, Siblings and the people you love.

I think i once mention about not wanting to be a bridezilla ever? Alhamudillah... I was true to my words. A LOT of things went wrong during the wedding day, yet i manage to keep my cool.

Remember friends, positive is always better than negative!!! no good will come from screaming and complaining about anything! To me, the most important are the persons in ur life not things... and in the case of your wedding day... ur family and husband comes first, the rest... second...

As promised, here's some photos of the 1st wedding reception which were held within the compound of my house in alor gajah...

most guests adore the lights installed by abah, some says macam pokok christmas, others claim macam I-city. Haha

Okay. We’ll start from the beginning aye?

Nikah 10am, finish around noon. Nap then Make up and hair from 6-8pm

Kak Salima and My lil sister Dini curling up my hair

Us getting ready

In the picture, my postcard invites by Amiza Nur rings from diamond and platinum. my dress from Micky Tan. shoes from studio isetan, and my helmet, haha from maju junction? apa nama kedai lupa. Email me at for the prices ;)

ok. we are going out now...

last orders before we go!

Then we walked out of the house, passing through the guest and then the main table. Then Doa, then Makan… afterwards band start performing songs. While people started eating, us at the main table still waiting for our food, caterer didn’t assign people to serve us. We waited patiently, then my sister Atiza and Amiza came to serve us using our own plates and drinking glasses, VERY disappointed with the caterer service on the first reception.

We kinda lost our appetite and decided to get off our chair and start going around saying hello to guest but were stopped by Auntty Ritta. She said not yet. So we stayed but we were so restless, both of us kept discussing whether or not we should defy Aunty Ritta’s orders.

After a while we decided to just go… as encouraged by his parents and my grandaunt. So sometimes, on your wedding day, things like this will happen. Follow your instinct!

We get to say hello to few tables when MC announce speech by my parents

During nikah my mom refuse to read that lafaz thingy yang most of time people will cry like crazy after nikah. So I know her speech will a be a short and simple one. As for my dad… WOW! I was impressed… my dad is really good at giving inspirational speech. It was something like this:

“I believe that I am the product of my parents, the good and the bad all moulded by my parents, and our children are the product from us. We believe that Azara is good to go and we gave a lifetime warranty to back that up. If our son-in-law ikmal ever felt there’s anything wrong with her, don’t throw her out; instead bring her back to us so we can fix her… we nurtured her with all the kindness and tolerance hence we guarantee full satisfaction.”

I LOL throughout the speech, actually panjang lagi… but I can’t remember all. Once I got my wedd video I'll post it. But seriously, the best speech I ever heard!

It’s true that we are the reflection of our parents, though my dad married my stepmother, he is always just and I never once hear my mother complain about it. My mother and my stepmother are friends, and I never ever considered my stepmother’s children as stepsisters. They are my sisters.

My mother is the most positive, proactive person I ever encountered, whenever she discover a good read she’ll definitely passed it to us. She always advise us to not think bad of another person, to not hold grudge etc, if u add her up on FB you’ll discover her wall is full of motivation quotes from various sources, never a hate post!

my parents, my family made me who I am today.

Then an unsangkarable thing happen, it was my siblings turn for their speech

You can see at the top pic, everyone seem content but the opposite in the 2nd and 3rd pic, well I blame my lil bro Amar. He was the first for the speech and he said something like this “She is my big sister, though most of the time annoying… i consider her the closest to me among our siblings.” Anything that comes out from his mouth though consist only a pinch of sweetness can make me sob like a little girl! It’s something difficult for him to admit but he acknowledge it in front a lot of people. To me, that’s deep…

So when my sisters saw my tears, everybody started shaking and sobbing while giving out each other’s speech… *wipe tears* it was very emotional… Afterwards, my best friend since tadika gave her speech… unfortunately no pic.

Its then our turn pulak… ikmal thanked everybody at the same time my crying mode still on, and see what happen…

I never imagine I would be that emotional, it was overwhelming!

After the speech we perform our I do song, received standing ovation, then MC gave a closing speech!

Your family, like it or not, they are your support system. You can have two best friends or maybe ten. to me, each and every person in my family is my BFFs!

remember i once mention about our marriage, their wedding Luckily i have a family of good taste, so no worries there!

Thanks a bunch also to the my sister Amiza's friends, Afie, Najlaa, Faz... for helping out.

and my cousin yoyoi!!!! and Ayan!!!

and of cource!!!! MY SIBLINGS... 1 handsome brother and 5 VERY BEAUTIFUL sisters... I'm blessed!!!

p/s: ayan is a VERY talented baker... go check her out for your wedding cakes, hantaran etc!!! =D

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7 Responses to Parents, Siblings and the people you love.

  1. Wani says:

    So love your wedding concept=)
    well done!

  2. terharu,happy bercampur baur i baca post ni.u had had a very beautiful wedding with beautiful people :)

  3. masyaAllah.. cantiknye akak. nampak semua orang happy giler time tu. especially your parents!

  4. wah best nya ur wedding..with family yg sgt supporting =)

  5. ZARA says:


    thanks dear!!!


    it's beautiful because of the ppl =)

    0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta,

    of course they are happy, lps ni tak yah tanggung dosa i lg... hahahaha thanks dear ;)

    little sunshine,

    thanks u Alisa =)

  6. u're lucky to be surrounded by supportive, sporting and lovely family. unlike mine. but alhamdulillah i still have my mom and Arwah.

  7. ZARA says:


    i too have bad apples in the family, tp i just don't want to waste my time cerita pasal depa, buat semak ;)