My favorite dress

Morning everybody =) yesterday i receive a lot of emails about the 1st reception dress. So i think i should write an entry about it.

The dress is custom made by Micky Tan She is very talented, friendly and helpful. You can go to her web address, or add her up in Facebook.

The workmanship is marvellous and as you can see in most pictures, the dress flows gorgeously... Her charges are very reasonable. To me SANGAT BERBALOI!!! I bought the material in Bandung and the 3tone chiffon and lining with Micky at Jalan TAR, I think total for the kain would be around RM80-RM120 terlupa lah... tapi not expensive lah.

Itu pon while I’m at Bandung, I kept calling Micky, "hey what do u think if i buy this material", then i can her again, "how about this pulak?" then i call her again, "i think i should buy this type of material lah eh?"

So, she is very patient in handling a very annoying client like me. She is a wonderful person and i even bake red velvet... hehehehe

This is during the first fitting,

I dont have any picture for second fitting as ikmal ws busy entertaining everyone who followed us during the fitting. There's Aunty Ritta, Amiza, Anisah, Aunty Ritta's 2 children Ishmel and Iris. It was chaotic. Hahaha

So that is all, tomorrow i'll update about the second reception.


p/s: remember the recent Anugerah Seri Angkasa? Aunty Ritta got us VIP tixs and I thought of going with this dress but my other sisters dont wanna go =(

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9 Responses to My favorite dress

  1. salah sorang yang email tu saya la sis. hihihi. sila reveal di mana kedai yang kain murah tu pulak. ehehe. tamak ni! =)

  2. ZARA says:

    0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta,

    kain murah? yg i know in Bandung lah kot... kat jalan TAR tu pon murah gak kan? i pergi jalan TAR hr tu pon ngan Micky so dia dapat designer discount...

  3. LisaLisut says:

    selepas melihat dress u yg lawa dan u kata murah je total cost nya tetiba teringin pulak nk ade dress.hikhikhik.kene pk bajet jugak ni teringin2 pun ;p

    thx 4 the info zara

  4. Moose says:

    she makes other dresses too, right? the price yang you quoted tu price for workmanship ke harga kain?

    if that's the workmanship cost, i am so gonna tempah with her. hehe

  5. ZARA says:


    i actually dont know whether it is appropriate or not to disclose the price Micky quoted me, tp mmg merah lah to me. for a dress like that.


    Okay, u r the third person to mistaken harga tu. i forgot to mention, that's the harga kain i bought from indon + jln TAR.

    again, cn i reveal the price for workmanship publicly?

  6. R-YuzSha says:

    wonderful dress u have.. mcm zaman rome... sweet color too...

  7. ZARA says:


    zaman rome... wow, sukanya =) thanks!!!


    likewise ;) thanks!!!

  8. Moose says:

    yes pls! of i u find it inappropriate, can DM me at Twitter as well. BTW, did u get my DM the other day?