Je suis désolé

Wow. This is humiliating. Though i know probably nobody expected me to hold on to my words about updating reviews on my wedding, but i feel guilty. So again Je suis tellement désolé. I've been occupied with work; i mean my husband's work. He sort of hires me to help with his work at the office.

I’m really am very sorry yeah?

So anyway, this will be the last update on wedding ceremony on my side. The next update will be on ceremony on his side.

I already posted information on the caterer we hired but i think i should probably put it up again.

It’s dzan event & catering. Contact person Raizan 0167034411. Review available here

I think there's not much left… first, my wedding kebaya and ikmal's suit.

It’s from Neng Lina Kebaya She's located at Pasar Baru Bandung. The total cost for both outfits is less than RM 800 that comprises materials, workmanship, beadings and they gave us gratis matching shoes, ikmal's matching songkok (beaded) and ikmal's other accessories like belt etc yang also ikmal tak mahu pakai. Jelong katanya!

However, since the dress is too long, you cannot see my shoes and Ikmal didn't want to wears his because ada beading kat kasut tu. To me, the dress was surprisingly fit nicely and turns out okay. And the shoes, though not my usual 4-5 inches heels, but seems comfortable and lovely. Except that the inner corset provided was a bit disappointing, it was too tight around the chest. It didn't compliment my huge breast, instead it flattens them.

As for their service, to me a bit off. They promise the dress would be ready before our next trip for fitting but to our surprise it was not. And the dress turns out different from the initial design we requested. VERY VERY DISSATISFYING… partially it was my fault as I totally forgot to snap pictures of the initial design. Sad. But Alhamdulillah the dress turns out OK. Not great but things happen so hamba redha. Hihi

So girls, all the wrong things can happen but don’t let them bother you. Just bear in mind, you got the most wonderful husband to spend the rest of your life with… and at the end of the day, that is the only thing matters. Kan?

Anyway, my four albums are ready. But I still owe Fadza our OP, external hard disk for our soft copies. Haih. We brought the album to ikmal’s parents’ house and since it was wee bit heavy, we left it there. Probably this weekend will go get it back.

This are the two 12x18 Photo with frame before

And after.

Ami Royani, Atin and Alin!!! Kenal tak yang tengah tu??? Haha

So here are photos taken by our unofficial photographer Ardini my sister!

these are photos from Atin Bah Ku Ten huahahaha

yeehuuuu... habis dah i think my reviews. If ada terlepas pandang please let me know and i update. so next up bertandang! and honeymoon... Christchurch, Queenstown and Auckland!

till then... bonne matinée!!!

p/s: The dress turns out better in Fadza’s pictures… almost all of them. Pelik tapi benar. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Haha.

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7 Responses to Je suis désolé

  1. LisaLisut says:

    everything is beautiful and waaaaaaaaaaa cntik la frame tu.tak sbr nk ade frame gmbr berdua tergtg di rumah.cewahhh.hihihi*gatal*

  2. ZARA says:


    hahahaha... seronok eh? tapi mmg gile xcited masa nk gantung tu, ke hulur hilir test tgk mn nk gantung hahaha

  3. Wani says:

    Zara!!i love the jam dinding!!mane dapt??*_*

  4. Yanie says:

    i love ur baju, and ur makeup. who did the makeup sayang? the baju seems to fit you nicely. and the clock!! i want one like that! mana dapat tu? hehe

  5. cantikkkkkkkkkkk.......... :) nak order kebaya camtu utk cukur jambul ok tak? ahahhaha... :) and by the way.. i heart the cucuk sanggul bagai tuh...

  6. the baju is gorgeous lah zara. biasalah, mesti ada something2 tak best kan but from outside, mmg sgt cantik. ;)

  7. ZARA says:


    hadiah dr my BFFs... i pon tak tau mana diorg bli. hehe


    Make up Kak Salima, thank u =) tu lah... i pon tak tau mana my frens beli. cutest thing ever!


    wah... dah pikir cukur jambul dah!!! hihi... hope everything is well masa delivery nnti!!! good luck ;)


    terima kasih sangat ;)