Aaahhh.... another day... up really early today, 3am. *Husband a Arsenal fan* me? I’m not a football fan. Ngeeeeee...

Thank u for being patient reading my boring updates on the wedding; please bear with me for another few days... i really hope i can finish everything by Friday. *Amin*

So, second reception... same caterer as the previous night. *gosh i forgot to ask my mother the name and contact details of the caterer.* I’ll update this post once i get it. Anyway, the caterer is from Batu Pahat. Mom didn't survey on any other caterer, this caterer was recommended by a relatives who use to be a hotel chef. So mom sort of follows her instinct on them.

Doing a wedding ceremony outside of Klang Valley i think is very difficult. It’s easy if u r not fussy about the outcome. Most caterers in Melaka, their presentation of the food is bad. And if you ever found that is good with presentation, the foods pulak not so good. Then, if you ever found one that is perfect, they are not so enthusiastic about traveling outside of town.

Since I’m living in Alor Gajah *yg only ada KFC kt town* to have a wedding yang up to our liking with local vendors is VERY, VERY difficult. Tak kira lah caterer, pelamin, bla2. We are really lucky to have local talent like Kak Salima *Dia orang Alor Gajah* hihihi...

Anyway, tents are all provided by the caterer, Alhamdullillah tents provided are adequate, simple and clean white ;) and buffet tables are well decorated. Simple yet tasteful. We seriously overlooked the food presentation part, mama main belasah je. Few days before the wedding when they came to set up everything baru we were like wow... nasib baik gila, we totally forget to ask apa rupa buffet table diorang. haha

Pricewise, I think not bad lah. RM8 per head for Nasi Briyani gam lazat with dessert yang sedap *according to guest* tapi that price was for 3thousand people. i think if our order is less they’ll have to consider about travelling from Batu Pahat to Melaka. Haha. They started cooking the Nasi Briyani the night before, during our first reception. We are again lucky to have ample of space within our house compound for them to build few more tents for them to cook.

Notice the blue tent? That’s where they prepare the food. Since the space there is occupied by the caterer, we had to divide tents into two sides, some within the house compound and the rest outside the gates. Since our house is located at the end of the road, the tents did not obstruct traffic.

I think we had about a total of 20 tents. More than enough.

The only thing we kinda disappointed with our caterer was their service during the first reception. The main table was empty, no food no plates no drinks no everything, plus they weren't well prepared when people start gushing at the food stalls. Guests had to endure the excessive smoke coming from BBQ area while queuing for food; gosh… it was very disappointing. Fortunately their food is awesome, so it was not all bad ;) Most guests love their fried kueh tiaw. Very nice! Plus they did make it up to us, for the second reception they gave free 3-tier cake and additional dessert, fruit tart for the guest and more discount.

Okay. i think that's all for today. i hate posts that are long with words... and im not even good with words. hehe

p/s: i really cant wait to start writing about other than my wedding ;)

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9 Responses to Food!!!!

  1. LisaLisut says:

    3000?20tents? sungguh ada rumah berhalaman luas.huhu..


  2. ZARA says:


    mmg *gulp* i dh kata kt my mom toksah bazir, dia kata kalau pelamin 15k baju 10k bazir, sedekah orang makan bukan bazir... so i pon ngalah.

  3. zara... zoom sket kat benda2 gantung tuh.. comey nyaaaaa... :)

  4. ZARA says:


    mana nk zoom nya? hahaha esok kot g amek gambar kat OP... nnti update gambar. satu post gambar je, takda sore aku!

  5. hah?? batu pahat? emmm.. kena pegi spot-check ni. ehem sis. jangan lupe provide more info ya?

  6. jooleata says:

    caterer mana tu zara? really got my attention la.. :D

  7. amElyn says:

    nyum nyumm. nak sain YUNA!!
    babe, u've been tagged!!! =D

  8. ya ampun... 3000 guest n 20 tents? sangat ramai n banyak. tapi nasib dpt harga catering yg berpatutan. dan yg penting sedap...

  9. meriah! harga yang caterer pagi sgt murah hoke. but, for myself, even buat kat temerloh, town kecik tp ada pizza hut, kfc n secret recipie hoke (hehehe saje gurau-dah lama x singgah alor gajah), harga sekepala rm17! tapi termasuk kusi meja, tents, bla bla. tp i tetap rasa mahal. tp service dari caterer mmg superb, so xboleh nak komplen sgt la... hehehe