special people needs special attention

this is Amiza Nur, she is my little sister and she was the MASTERMIND behind my wedding. She is so creative and pretty and smart and chic and funny. She is a great friend and a wonderful sister. Today is her birthday!

this is Azyan, she is a good friend of my brother and my lil sis Anisah. She is a great friend of my husband good friend's wife, Putri Rex. She is bubbly and i'm honored to have known her. Today is her birthday

this is Nadiah Mariam, she is fierce and fabulous. a really nice person if you get to know her, i didnt expect to see her on my wedding. but i did. all the way from Ampang. A good friend indeed. Today is her birthday!

Happy birthday you guys!! I love you to bits! Have a great one!

p/s: 11022011 nice date!

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4 Responses to special people needs special attention

  1. LisaLisut says:

    ramai kan bday hari ni.kwan i pn bday hari ni.say happy bday to ur adik! :)

    terbalikkan 11022011 tu kepada 02112011 jadi bday i.har har har ;p

  2. ZARA says:


    serious? 2/11? my mom's bday 22/11 hihihhihi

  3. amElyn says:

    22/11 is my anniv. dah 5+ tahun kenal ame! HAHA

  4. ZARA says:


    aku 1/1 nnti 5 tahun gak, tp bkn 5 taun kenal amir lah. 5 tahun kenal ikmal. hahaha