one at a time

Since the best part of my wedding to me is the 1st reception, please give me some time to work on it. well, i'm a wife now with one stubborn child to raise. by child i mean Tapir. hehehe

So please bare with me and my stubborn child, Tapir

in bilik pengantin which also my favourite space of the whole room

and a sneak peak of upcoming update!

it will be emotional!

p/s: i'm ugly when i'm about to cry. other times, i'm just flawless! hahaha

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6 Responses to one at a time

  1. Wani says:

    tapir??haha..i lov d name!cz it suits the cat very well!=p

  2. ZARA says:


    dia lahir time raya masa dia dibawah jagaan my husband who was just my BF masa tu. so suka dia je letak nama tapir. i pulak jenis tak suka tukar2 nama kucing. hihi. so tapir sajo!

  3. zara, chantek ur pix tu! nampak natural. seme org pun x cun kot kalo time nangis. hehehe

  4. ZARA says:


    Thanks dear! Ada lh org yg cantek even nangis. Hihi

  5. ekekekkek... tapir! i like!!!! my fren ada bela ayam.. nama dia Mizz Nina! ahahhaha....

    congrats again Zara... hurry2 upload more photos... :)

  6. haha so cute nama tapir..hehhee.. oh my dear ur always gorgeous la even ur about candid photos..! :D more pics please.. ;)