Phewww... it's actually felt pretty lame writing about weddings when u r married. Nevertheless, it's kinda fun. hikhik. =P

So, urm...

I think we are done with Nikah ceremony; we can scratch that off now. Right. Up now is my first reception. I think we spent the most money on this one as the amount of guest is small. I think like less than 300?? tak silap lah ke 500?? Lebih kurang lah, the food was for 300 tapi mom bought beef and lamb for barbecue so that there will be enough food for everyone.

But i will not be posting about our caterer. Yet. Because I’m eager to let you know the best part about the whole first reception… it was the band, the band equipment, the sound system and us performing. IT WAS PERFECT.

Bertambah perfect as my most loved favourite brother in the world sponsor the whole thing. Oh I love you lil brother! *I know he’ll never ever would’ve read this, hence the public statement* I’ll die if he ever found out about this, serious!

Anyway, the equipment was from his friend Mokhtar from iseekmusic studio. I don’t know the cost as it was a wedding gift… hehehe… but I’m not sure masa nikah sound system from them also ke tak… hurm… have to check with my brother.

So here are some of the pictures of the band (Anamy's Affair), us performing and others.

my father in law who also use to be in the band, felt they should play more songs. he likes them. hihi... i personally think so too...

our CUTEST emcee, Meor. who i think is one of Cleo 50 most eligible bachelors 2011.

man at work. please do not disturb. teehee!

us singing... i do from dashboard confessional. and did i mention my father in law loves my singing. huahahahahahha...

Owh and to my surprise Yuna came. I didn’t notice sampai lah when kitorang round2 meja. She came with her parents. Such a sweet person, as sweet as her voice… hikhik… I think Yuna is big now, among us Malaysian, which makes her a celeb but she came dengan simple baju kurung. Which is bertambah sweet, I think kalau dia dress up glamorously I bet our guests will serbu dia and us the bride and groom terbiar. Hahaha.

The prove of how simple she was that night, pic credit my cousin Anis

I guess that is all for now, I need to drag this tired ass to bed. I cooked curry yesterday. ok that's a lie. Ikmal cooked curry yesterday, it was so delicious my sister thought we bought it from Indian restaurant. Hahaha... well azara nur, u then wonder why u put on so much weight... =P

p/s: probably i should join the bandwagon, be an indie singer... huahahaha

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13 Responses to awesomeness

  1. LisaLisut says:

    waaa bestnye ade adik laki ada band music..hehe

  2. Sueziy says:

    Your wedding is filled with awesomeness! AAAA.. Jeles-jeles..

    You look breathtaking in that dress!

  3. jelesnya dapat jumpa yuna!!! =P

  4. my mom owns a jamming studio, run by my sister and her friends, in ss15 subang jaya.

    darah musician memang ada dalam family, except i! haha! i terpesong jadi drama queen sikit =p

    good thing i dont have to set a budget for pa system and intruments. cuma yang nak menyanyi tu, i don't know nak panggil siapa lagi ;p

  5. ZARA says:


    hey hey u, it's actually tak best. sbb nnti diorang asik buat bising kat rumah and nyanyi kuat2. hahaha


    awww... so sweet of u dear... thanks!


    hikhik... up close and personal. actually pernah jumpa dia sekali sebelum ni masa tu dia blom keluar radio and my bro kept on asking me to check her out, she sounds perfect! and i'm a fan since!

    Hana Jaffar,

    hahahaha... u r so funny!! i think my huband's band pernah jamm kat SS15, yang atas kedai mamak tu ke?

    well u can call me to sing ;) hihihi *im kidding* u know i'm kidding right? hihihi

  6. nt masa my wed i pgl u jd singer ok?haha.

  7. ZARA says:


    hahahhahahhahha.... boleh boleh!!! u nak i nyanyi lagu apa??? nnti i siap gelek utk u... hahahahhaha

  8. ehee.... saya nak tgk gambar Zara byk2......... takmo gambar bandddd........ *boley demand cenggitu?* ahahhahaha....

  9. ZARA says:


    ehek ehek, boleh boleh... nnti sy letak ye? sementara tu tgk lah gambar2 adik lelaki saya yang hensem tu... hahaha

  10. ss15 banyak studio. ours is 12records(currently managed by my sis and friends and they call it radlab studio)..same row with salmon steak near taylors business school.

    betul u nak nyanyi?? i ok jeee ;)

  11. I have not been watching your space for quite some time. My bad babe.

    Albeit a bit late, I would just like to wish you congratulations for getting hitched!!!

    And you looked seriously happy! I guess all married couples did on their wedding day right?:)

    And I LOVE your wedding! For the simplicity of everything that went on that day :).

    Not many brides are like that these days. Sometimes it can get too superficial but I am glad you kept it to the ground rules, that marriage is what matters most :)

  12. ZARA says:


    smarticleness!!! hahaha... is that even a word? kuikui


    owh yeah, i'm talking confidently like that's the one ur family owns. haha. silly me.

    ok so, about the singing, *flips hair* just so u know i'm expensive okay? i only sing when nobody is around. so hv ur guest look away when i'm on stage.

    mesti nk lempang klu ada celeb cm ni kn?

    but seriously, i cant sing. i can but i cant, belit x?


    Hey u! sorry i've not been watching my own blog for quite some time either. And thanks for the wish.

    Well, i already got the guy and he already say that he'll stay. that's all i've ever wanted since forever.

    It's more than enough, my husband's love for me is overwhelmingly over the top, i think it will be too much if my wedding outshines our love. Huahahahhaha...