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one at a time

Since the best part of my wedding to me is the 1st reception, please give me some time to work on it. well, i'm a wife now with one stubborn child to raise. by child i mean Tapir. hehehe

So please bare with me and my stubborn child, Tapir

in bilik pengantin which also my favourite space of the whole room

and a sneak peak of upcoming update!

it will be emotional!

p/s: i'm ugly when i'm about to cry. other times, i'm just flawless! hahaha

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special people needs special attention

this is Amiza Nur, she is my little sister and she was the MASTERMIND behind my wedding. She is so creative and pretty and smart and chic and funny. She is a great friend and a wonderful sister. Today is her birthday!

this is Azyan, she is a good friend of my brother and my lil sis Anisah. She is a great friend of my husband good friend's wife, Putri Rex. She is bubbly and i'm honored to have known her. Today is her birthday

this is Nadiah Mariam, she is fierce and fabulous. a really nice person if you get to know her, i didnt expect to see her on my wedding. but i did. all the way from Ampang. A good friend indeed. Today is her birthday!

Happy birthday you guys!! I love you to bits! Have a great one!

p/s: 11022011 nice date!

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Phewww... it's actually felt pretty lame writing about weddings when u r married. Nevertheless, it's kinda fun. hikhik. =P

So, urm...

I think we are done with Nikah ceremony; we can scratch that off now. Right. Up now is my first reception. I think we spent the most money on this one as the amount of guest is small. I think like less than 300?? tak silap lah ke 500?? Lebih kurang lah, the food was for 300 tapi mom bought beef and lamb for barbecue so that there will be enough food for everyone.

But i will not be posting about our caterer. Yet. Because I’m eager to let you know the best part about the whole first reception… it was the band, the band equipment, the sound system and us performing. IT WAS PERFECT.

Bertambah perfect as my most loved favourite brother in the world sponsor the whole thing. Oh I love you lil brother! *I know he’ll never ever would’ve read this, hence the public statement* I’ll die if he ever found out about this, serious!

Anyway, the equipment was from his friend Mokhtar from iseekmusic studio. I don’t know the cost as it was a wedding gift… hehehe… but I’m not sure masa nikah sound system from them also ke tak… hurm… have to check with my brother.

So here are some of the pictures of the band (Anamy's Affair), us performing and others.

my father in law who also use to be in the band, felt they should play more songs. he likes them. hihi... i personally think so too...

our CUTEST emcee, Meor. who i think is one of Cleo 50 most eligible bachelors 2011.

man at work. please do not disturb. teehee!

us singing... i do from dashboard confessional. and did i mention my father in law loves my singing. huahahahahahha...

Owh and to my surprise Yuna came. I didn’t notice sampai lah when kitorang round2 meja. She came with her parents. Such a sweet person, as sweet as her voice… hikhik… I think Yuna is big now, among us Malaysian, which makes her a celeb but she came dengan simple baju kurung. Which is bertambah sweet, I think kalau dia dress up glamorously I bet our guests will serbu dia and us the bride and groom terbiar. Hahaha.

The prove of how simple she was that night, pic credit my cousin Anis

I guess that is all for now, I need to drag this tired ass to bed. I cooked curry yesterday. ok that's a lie. Ikmal cooked curry yesterday, it was so delicious my sister thought we bought it from Indian restaurant. Hahaha... well azara nur, u then wonder why u put on so much weight... =P

p/s: probably i should join the bandwagon, be an indie singer... huahahaha

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All you need to know about my Nikah day

not forgetting Me and my goofy faces!!!

Well. This is long overdue. I’m so sorry for disappearing for quite some time. I’m busy doing nothing actually it's just that TM is taking their sweet time to relocate my Unifi account. So, no internet=invisible me.

anyway, a few of my friends in FB had been asking about my baju nikah, is it for rent, where did i sent for tailoring and stuff so i think this would be the best time to reveal them.

I decided to rent out my nikah outfit only to girls my size. Which i think is rare, as most bride wants to be skinny and such, there's nothing left for beautiful full-figured ladies like myself. So here’s hope. Haha.

Remember how angry I was when one of the saksi kept asking ikmal lafaz again and again sampai the audience pon naik angin? Since my video is still processing, mind you its full HD hence taking some time, here’s the pictures snap by lil sis Dini during akad.

Do notice my mengumpat face and my father bengang face. Poor ikmal, he did nothing wrong. Everybody bengang dengan saksi tu. I think it was the third time baru dia satisfied and we are legally husband and wife. It end with a huge clap from everybody… and some even boo the saksi. Imagine!

Owh and The nikah ceremony held at my house in Alor Gajah, Melaka.

So… First up!


There’s no caterer for Nikah. Since we all decided that we want a SIMPLE yet TASTEFUL ceremony, foods served was cooked by my mom’s kitchen staffs who usually cook for Raya, haha… which is Abg Kamal and Makcik Sal. They were well trained by my mother to cook our favourite dish Masak Lemak Cili Api Daging Rusa Salai, my late grandmother Special Ayam Serai (you can only find this dish in this household) and the rest of lauk IDK sbb I didn’t eat lepas nikah. Huahahaha…

Wokay. Next,


Well, it’s a mini pelamin made 80% by my sister the exquisite and most adorable Amiza Nur and her helper, Fazlan and Afie. It was really REALLY damn simple yet nice and easy to digest although I hate the flowers, well… I am the kind of bride who hates the typical pelamin with flowers all over, but these flowers needed to be on stage or it will look dreary. So I had to make an exception on that.

Next is…


Sorry to disappoint, again it’s my beloved sister Amiza Nur and her helpers who did the hantaran arrangement. Again strictly no flowers ;) so, she’s kinda creative you know as the typical hantaran would be flowers, flowers, and more flowers, she manage to outdo those usual hantaran and gave me ribbons and beads! Me likey!!

I’m so proud of u baby sister! Owh the dulang is rented from Ms Ayan. Ayan is a friend of my brother who also helped us a lot. Thanks Ayan!!

And next up is urrmmm

Oh yeah


Okay, this katil is very, very special. It was bought by my late grandmother when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old. I think she knows that my ambition is to get hitched at a very early age so she bought the bed especially for my wedding day ;)

The original colour is black and gold and it’s a bit rusty as it has been about 10 years, so my baby sister Amiza painted it white. The bed sheets pulak from Maldives, or is it Sri Lanka I couldn’t recall, bought by my mother during her trip to Sri Lanka and Maldives. Owh and that piece of cloth that looks like a table runner covering the top of the bed is also from Maldives.

The rest is the usual either from IKEA or Nilai.

Hokey Pokey. We then move on to my most favourite thing in the world.


Yeah!!! A girl can never have too many shoes! Right? I see moose nodding her head… HAHA. Okay, so the shoe is from Hush Puppies. I bought them during one of their superb warehouse sale, sangat cheap! And most importantly comfort! Will definitely anticipate more of those warehouse sales in the future!!!

Okay, next.


It was made by my mom’s friend Gabriet Florist at Jalan Mata Kuching. She’s been doing flower arrangement for my mother since forever. So we decided to just let her do the hand bouquet and she also let us borrow the flowers for the pelamin, the one I mentioned earlier.


I do not intend to wear any accessories at first except my Rolex, but my lovely Aunty Ritta Ramli insisted. She even brought her personal jewellery set which I think real and super expensive for me to wear. Lucky me, I didn’t get the chance to pierce so she only manage to ask me to wear the necklace. Teehee…

I think that’s about it… owh and lastly…


When I say I want something simple, I want something simple. So here it is… to me the most simple nikah outfit I can think of. Not to mention cheap some more… it’s about RM3xx… cheap aye? That’s including bustier, shawl, material, tailoring and beadworks.

It was done by Pak Deden from Jakarta. If you guys need his number, let me know ;)

Alritey… that’s all I think… let me know if you guys need to know anything else about my nikah day.

p/s: the price for rent of baju nikah is about the same as the cost price ;)

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