Threading VS Waxing- A review on both

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Hello girls. Im probably at the airport right now waiting for our flight to Melbourne. Im so sorry if im taking such a long time to review my wedding, my husband *eceh* tak mahu berpisah, since he took leave sampai 21st January, dia asek berkepit je lah... ni dia tengah bongkang baru i have the time to write. So, as promised here's my review on Threading VS Waxing


I did my hairless operation on Wednesday 29th December. Honestly, i thought waxing will be more painful. To my surprise, it was not.

I took the Strip Forest Virgin package which is RM88 for XXX all off! I went to Strip Bangsar as I heard reviews that their staffs there are better than other outlet.

I first thought of doing the waxing elsewhere that is cheaper, but after lots and lots of research, people recommended doing at reputable waxer, which is Strip.

I wore a loose pantie, satin like non-hugging panties. And as suggested by ParisB I also wore a dress instead of jeans etc.

i was wee bit nervous, well you are about to bare your you-know-what to a stranger, of course you'll be nervous. So, make sure you set your mind that everything will be okay, chat a lil bit with the waxer i think will kinda reduce the awkwardness.

the staff at strip are well trained in my opinion especially on how to communicate with us 'virgin'. first question the waxer asked me was, what race i am. normal lah people will mistaken me for a Chinese kan? i think dia tanya sebab dia nak sembang easier.

i think there's no need to elaborate step by step kan as huda pon dah pernah explain, my experience was about the same.

HOWEVER, i would like to stress out that you MUST ask you future husband how they prefer your you-know-what sebab i think some guys tak suka terlampau bare so i know it may seem inappropriate to ask you future husband these kind of question but if you think you are okay with it and he is also okay with it, then ask lah kan? Untuk mengelak dari sebarang kekecewaan. Hehehe

I also waxed my whole arm for RM68, as my husband *ahaks* nicknamed me Bangla sebab hairy, so for his sake, I wax the whole arm. Haha.

So what I did at strip was
Brazilian Wax= They use hard wax as the hair at the you-know-where is thick and hard wax best use for sensitive areas.
Full Arm Wax= They use soft wax and it was NOT PAINFUL at all.

My verdict
Totally satisfied, will even consider doing it monthly. It was not scary, the experience is better than average. The pain is tolerable and it’s been 10 days since the wax, only a very small amount of hair grown and only those baby hair.
2 thumbs UP!


The place I went for threading is at SS15 Subang Jaya, it’s a salon run by a husband and wife. The husband is Chinese and the wife is Russian (tak silap lah)

I first went here with my sister few years back to do mani padi. The Russian lady told us that they do threading as well, siap demo kat jari i. Agaknya dia geram tengok bulu lebat. Haha.

The salon is on the first floor, the same row as RHB, Baskin Robin, Mc Donald. Nama salon kena check balik, tapi dia area RHB, Baskin Robin tu ar.

The price was not cheap, tapi if im not mistaken cheaper than those in Bangsar. I spent altogether around RM160 for threading. RM40 for Facial hair, RM80 for legs and another RM40 for underarm, to me it’s still expensive.

Though I don’t have the perfect skin but I do concern about waxing facial hair, as waxing sometimes irritates your skin and I want avoid redness hence me opting for threading. As for my legs and underarm, the hair is not long enough to the required length for waxing. But, when I did my threading the lady told me she can do threading for my legs and underarm. So I went for it.

HOWEVER, the pain is GOSH… I was in agony for about 2 hours. It hurts more than Brazilian Wax. The lady told me that it’s more painful if your hair is short… okay… still… they did both my legs at once, the husband on my right leg and the wife on my left leg. OMG… double the pain. They even ignore my squeal, they kept doing it sampai benang putus then sambung lagi.

Sumpah sakit!

So what I did at the salon *forgot name, update later* was
Legs= damn painful, will never want to thread again
Face= also very painful like crazy
Eyebrow= not so lah… my eyebrow is beautiful as is so only thread a little
Underarm= I expect it to be less painful as I tweeze them once in while, rupanya sakit jugak.

My verdict
Sakit, ngeri, unbearable pain, rasa nak nangis. Menyesal. And they didn’t do it properly hence hair grows pretty fast. Some says the pain depends your menstruation, if you did them during it will painful. Entahlah, still… I don’t intend to do any threading on any part on my body ever again. OUCH!

Please note that this is based solely on my personal experience. the pain actually vary according to individuals pain tolerance. So, you can try different type of hair removal according to your preference. ;)

p/s: my husband dont know what he wants. he said as long as the package includes me ;) huhu

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6 Responses to Threading VS Waxing- A review on both

  1. LisaLisut says:

    ayooooo!! mahalnye threading 166. berkali ganda i buat dengan indian kat USJ.huhu. RM8 je sepasang.indian kalau buat mmg cntik :)

    uhhh betul kata u.i think before nk wax2 ni kene tye dlu for me my fiancee kata takyah.bazir.haha nasib baik.lgpun i kurg hair save bajet di situ hahahaha.

    cececece dh bole panggil husband skrg!wink :)

  2. MY says:

    ouch.. reading ur entry pun rasa sakit buat threading tue. Btw. I did my wax at sommerset and honeypot.. I ada review honeypot. I wax my legs sebab after shave, bila hair grow back, it looks so ugly. so, pergi lah wax. yup. It turns better. Thank goodness. Tapi, janji to myself not to wax or shave my legs anymore. Can't stand the itchiness. My therapist said that I'm quite hairless even down there. Such a relief.

  3. Anonymous says:

    threading can be painful especially if the person who do it tak terer sgt.
    I have been a firm believer in threading for my upper lip and brow and been doing it almost every month.
    If you want to give it a try again , please go to Bangsar Saluga.
    Where ?
    Opposite Bangsar Village 2 , shop row next to Baskin Robin , first floor.
    You won't miss it because lots of ladies go there for their threading especially and sometimes you have to take your number.
    Brow RM5 , upper lip RM3 and full face i think will be less than RM15.
    I think when they charge you that for full face, mcm kena daylight robbery dear.

  4. sumpit says:

    i had mine done too, tp sendiri2 n with soft wax sbb murah n bosan cuti panjang, and my gosh, sakit nak mampusss!

    it stayed red for hours, and it took me 2 days to finish it sbb tak tahan sakit. Next step, nak try hot wax pulak la, but think i'll for my man to come here, then we'll do it together. Buat sorg2 susah weh, if i were an acrobat or a yogi mungkin senang skit kot hehehehe

  5. im looking for indian lady to do waxing for me. U bt kt mna.. Taipan ke? Name of shop pls?