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*Scheduled Entry*

Okay, We are in Christchurch so still in scheduled entry mode. I know my husband well to assure that he will definitely forbid me from updating my blog during our honeymoon. If you guys ever watch Sex and the City, i now feel like Miranda during her honeymoon with Steve. Okay, jangan bagitau Ikmal i said that. Shhhh....

So, here's my review on Make ups
Nikah, 1st reception and 2nd reception done beautifully by Kak Salima and bertandang by Feena

Salima Make-up Artist
Kak Salima’s make up is pretty heavy to my liking tapi she really did a great job as my pictures all turns out to be VERY beautiful, I think it is the dream of every bride to look beautiful on their wedding day so I guess im one of them. Alhamdullillah, saya tak salah pilih eh kak salima ;)

One of ikmal’s friend repeatedly say how pretty I was masa nikah. And i couldn’t agree more.

However, some say the best of Kak Salima’s work is masa 1st reception, ramai kata it’s beautiful. Especially Aunty Ritta.

And this is during 2nd reception, ikmal’s favourite. Dia kata macam kris dayanti. Huahahahahhahaha

Tapi for Kak Salima, honestly, since I hate make up… u did a good job making me beautiful ;) semua puji akak and sampai ada yang mintak contact number… thanks Kak!!

Raja Feena
Tersangat lah busy mak buyung ni. Tapi tersangat lah pantas kerjanya. My brother said your make up sangat cantik. I pon kata your make up cantek!
Here’s some photos of me during bertandang

Memang overall, I love all my make up. Personally, my favourite is masa bertandang. Sebab the make up is kinda light and I love what Feena did to my eyebrow, very subtle and natural. Me likey so much!

So, till the next entry ya’ll!!


p/s: I’m ovulating. Huahahaahahahaha…

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15 Responses to Make Up review

  1. ElyaElmo says:

    zara..sgt cantikkk!semua nyee aku sukaa..!!

  2. aDieyZa says:

    zara, setuju dgn zara yg make up bertandang sgt cantik!!!!!!!!!! cantik sgt dear..

  3. i love yg masa bertandang. sangat sweet mcm angel dari kayangan.

  4. saya suka semuanya.. time kasih! :)

  5. waalllaa! says:

    hi zara..sorry lambat wish... selamat pengantin baru..gambar yg last sekali tu sgt gorgeous.. i like dat..yang lain pon cantik tp yang last sekali tu lain sikit..nmpak lagi menyerlah..

  6. sumpit says:

    oh wow.
    i agree with u. sume2 pon cantik,
    but u look cantik gila time bertandang!

  7. sumpit says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. sumpit says:

    oh wow.
    i agree with u. sume2 pon cantik,
    but u look cantik gila time bertandang!

  9. D'lla says:

    sorry im late..tahniah :)

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