busy bee

We came back from NZ yesterday. Today we are sorting out souvenirs and writing thank-you notes for friends and family.

Then we'll be busy packing and unpacking things from old house sunway to new house in USJ. Honeymoon is not entirely over as ikmal is still on AL until Monday. 3 weeks of ikmal is seriously not enough. I can never had enough of him. Haha.

So, please bare with me on the wedding reviews, as ikmal is such a baby. I can't be out of his sight. Tunggu dia dh start kerja next week baru boleh duduk depan PC kot.

Enjoy some picture of Kawarau River ;) there are more in my camera tp tu full review nnti eh?

P/s: my parents offer me a job w them. Insya-Allah I'll b working w them while waiting for practical in May or June.
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12 Responses to busy bee

  1. amElyn says:

    nak gi nz gak!!!!!!!! tak dulik! =D

  2. K.I.N.A says:

    hehe..bce review dari NZ pun jd..we want more..hehe

  3. LisaLisut says:

    which USJ babe? dekat dgn office tunang i maybe.dkt jugak dengan puchong.hehe.

  4. sk says:

    welcome back zara & ikmal! did u guys go for babymoon instead, just like ellfazira & her husband? hikhikhik *kidding*

  5. *mode jeles* saya nak feeling2 LOTR jugakkkkkkk......... huwaaaaaaaaa

  6. bestnya g honeymoon kat NZ. welcome back!! ;)

  7. welcome back babe! hey usj brapa?? berjiran lah kita..

  8. miey anna says:



  9. Nadia says:

    sure best gi sane!!!!

  10. Aya says:

    nice view! x sbr tggu ur full review :)

  11. zara..can i have ur email? need some info.hehee..my FB is no longer exist.

  12. babe, i pun nak email you.
    ade benda nak tanye :)

    btw, NZ wowwwwwwwww! update lagi plissssss!