The BEST place for honeymoon

It's like waking up in a dream everyday. Hands down the best place for honeymoon. Ikmal sampai tak nak kuar rumah, he spent the first day here in Queenstown explore dalam rumah.

Pictures included in this post are taken from the place we stay in Queenstown. Sangat-sangat cantik kan? Rumah yg we stay is awesome, as u cn see in one of the picture ada spa lg... almost everything ada. Best giler!

The day here during summer is pretty long, sun rises at about 6am local time and sun sets at about 9.30pm or 10pm. So mmg susah nk tido, as 10pm tu pon tak gelap betul, dia cam senja, kuning-kuning...

Temperature pulak, mak datok! Katanya summer, tapi temperature paling tinggi rasanya dalam 18degree. Most of the time between 14-16degree. Gigil kau!!!!

Anyway, sini susah nk jumpa WiFi. Kalau ada pon kena bayar. About NZ$2 for 15 mins, tu mcm kt airports lah. Kalau kt Queenstown ni, they have cyber cafe rate rata2 dalam NZ$3 an hour. So kalau jumpa tempat ada WiFi free, definitely update twitter dulu. This post was actually pre-written so that whenever I get free WiFi, update je terus. Hihi.

I'll definitely post another update from here in New Zealand if jumpa WiFi lagi.

So, I think that's all for now.


P/s: rasa tak nak balik Malaysia...
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4 Responses to The BEST place for honeymoon

  1. ElyaElmo says:

    wow!! bestt nyee zaraaaaa

  2. Zara, i'm sooooo gonna ask u about the accomodation later... can't wait!!! cepatla balik.. ;p

  3. omg..cant wait for more breathtaking..

  4. nnti upload pic byk2 tau!!!!