I was the 'anak orang kaya' to just about everybody in my kampong, my primary school teachers and friends, my secondary school teachers and friends and some of my university friends. Though I don’t feel like one, people still just assume I am.

Well, my parents are not that ‘kaya’ as you might think. And even if they are rich, it’s their money… not mine.

So, I really don’t have a say in how many guest should we invite on my wedding. It has long been decided by my parents as we are bound to society. People assume we are lavishly wealthy so it is important that we invite everybody to avoid discontent among them.

Sometimes I am a bit uncomfortable when people especially friends came to ask how many guest invited, because some may not understand. When I gave them the numbers, they will just assume that the wedding will be grand; some even make that envious, intimidating look and gave a ludicrous remark over it. I cannot help myself but to chuckle in amusement of such behavior.

To be honest, I don’t even know what grand means anymore. Different people define grand differently.

We have less than 20days now. My mom still confused on the exact number of people to invite. It sometimes 2k then she said 3k then she change again to 1.5k and when dad start to remember some people to invite they change the numbers back to 2k. I think the final number is now 3k... probably…

I think most of them got to do with my late grandmother. Even the chief minister of Melaka came to her funeral. She is quite influential in Melaka. I was brought up thinking my grandmother is really a cool awesome businesswoman, so I am sorry if I got this wrong… hehehe

However, since we are living in a community where numbers is such a matter… there will be hundreds or maybe thousands of couple decided to get married or engaged as the same day as mine. So I am a bit at the worried side, I kept on questioning what if…

What if the people came didn’t match the numbers? What if there are too many leftovers?

Hurm... It’s really too late to change any numbers now. Hahaha… literally any numbers!!! The date, the hantaran, the number of guest, the number of potpourris, the number that appear on my weighing scale… hahaha… seriously…

I think the only number that could change is the number of pimple you get from the stress…

Looking on the bright side, I kinda miss my late grandmother. She was awesome! I’m lucky to still have Angah, my auntie which almost like my grandmother in terms of the bebel and cooking… hehehehe…

p/s: A lot to do today, no wonder The Bangles call it Manic Monday but what about NOFX and their Thank God It's Monday? Hurm…

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6 Responses to Numbers

  1. LisaLisut says:

    wow...3k.amat besar jumlahnya itu.berkali ganda dr jumla tetamu i kot.hihi.i pun ade dilemma mcm dilemma if org kata "eh sikitnye org dia jemput.tak smpai 1k pun" haha

    bukan ape, mmg tak ramai pun rasenye.sedara tak ramai, jiran je ramai, kawan pun rasenye tak seribu.hihi.mak i kata 300 utk elak sebarang ketidakcukupan i letak 500.sikit kan?hihi

    yeaa definisi grand berbeza utk setiap org :)

    p/s:dah lama i tak g melaka.since after spm 2002 i skolah sane dlu ;p

  2. ZARA says:


    I sedara ramai, jiran is the whole kampung, friends tak ramai sgt.

    I think yg ramai kawan parents kot.

    Plus i anak sulung and buat kt rumah... so... kang org kampung kecik hati pulak kalau tak jemput kan.

    Kalau sudi, dtg lah melaka again next year for my wedding... hehe next year...

  3. shada JD says:

    food kalau ada extra..tapau for org kampung dan.........kawan-kawan hahaha.

    azara nur, aku tak sabar ok nak pegi wedding mu!
    amek berkat fuh fuh fuh!

  4. mmg susah nak puaskan hati semua pihak..lagi2 u anak sulung, susah estimate sbb semua nak di jemput kn..3k mmg byk!

    nway, all the best zara.. nxt year u dh nak kawin ni.. hehe

    ps: i rasa mcm nak pegi jer yr 2nd reception nnti. pls?? hehe.. xsmpat nak minta kad hritu..

    email me yr address @


  5. ZARA says:

    Shada TBB

    aku pon tak sabar nak tgk kau dress to kill!!!!! aku serious tak sabar! excited!!!!

    Miss Maira,

    thanks dear!!! mailed u!

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