I am Woman

I am woman, hear me roar!

Haha... i am a woman with a super busy schedule. as soon as we got back from Indonesia, wedding workload just came pouring... Fuh!!


1. My Baju Nikah done!
2. Bertandang dress kebaya done! tapi inner just sent to tailor -_-"
3. First reception dress fitting on 18th December and second reception dress will be ready on the same date.

This is Aunty Ritta (mom's best friend) and Ishmel her son. we went to Mayestik after fitting baju nikah with Deden.

we then head to Bandung naik Cipaganti. about RP 70,000 per person.

We drop our luggage at Arion Swiss Bel-Hotel, then straight to Uday's place for bertandang outfit fitting. ikmal's was a perfect fit despite his absence during the order, i just gave uday ikmal's measurement and it turn out beautiful! since i only order the outer kebaya with Uday, it's really hard to say mine was a perfect fit or not. but the beadings are marvelous! Aunty Ritta repeatedly says how beautiful it is!

We then went back to the hotel for meeting up with Pak Jojo's assistant for ikmal's tux. after taking his measurement we went for late dinner at warung pasta, our favorite place to eat in Bandung! the garlic bread is to die for! and that's for day one!

Day two is started with Pasar Baru which is in walking distance with our hotel. we first help aunty Ritta looking for kain lace. it's for her nephew engagement on 1st January jugak. the kain is for hantaran tunang. and we got them at Ranitex. You can look for Pak Sugu. i think their lace is more classy than other shops...

this is the first toko we went in search of beaded lace

and this is the last toko kain we went for other kain for Aunty Ritta

We then decided to separate as i need to find kebaya for my sisters and fitting for second reception outfit. but she came for my fitting at Mbak Lina's shop, because she wants to evaluate her workmanship, Mbak Lina's bridal package is cheaper than Uday, about Rp 800,000 lesser than Uday's.

But the package we took from Uday doesn't include inner for the kebaya and kasut but the package we took from Mbak Lina includes everything!


to our disappointment, not only the outfit not ready, it was not like what we ordered. Aunty Ritta then switched on her aunty-bridezilla mode and bombarded Mbak Lina with a lot of comments.

I really hope she jot down all of our complain and FIX it!!!

After the crazy shopping at Pasar Baru, we went for our dinner at Kartika Sari, i like their mee kocok, sup bontot and dim sum... nyum nyum... Owh and it is also in walking distance with our hotel ;)

after dinner, we went to Jalan Riau saje2 to kill time sambil looking for Ishmel figurines and other toys. Memet my Abang angkat brought us to this place...

OMG... bestnya!!! it has all kind of other people's junk!!! we spend the most time here... There's this phone, shape of a skull that ikmal and I wanted to buy tapi pikir pikir pikir, tak jd beli sebab it's a bit expensive. Ikmal bought a few drumsticks, and I bought nothing... hehehehe

The last place we went before we went back to our hotel for Ikmal's fitting with Pak Jojo. Again we are satisfied with Ikmal's suit. baju Ikmal semua perfect! i think he is the kind of guy who never complain so Allah permudahkan everything for him.

i don't think i need to elaborate on our journey back =P but i do have one thing to share with all brides.

preparing for our wedding is challenging i think we all know that by now. but the most important is that you don't complain about it, don't sigh and nag about those challenges we face. some of u may be familiar with the law of attraction, if not go grab 'The Secret by Rhonda Byrne'

you complain on one thing and more of the other thing will surface. this apply to not only your wedding preparation, it apply to your life as well.

So... be positive!

p/s: i'm thankful everyday... do u?

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2 Responses to I am Woman

  1. LisaLisut says:

    yes i do ;p
    (despite of whining hihi.but lesser now.hihi)

  2. ZARA says:

    Lisa Lisut,

    glad u do... ;)