exactly 30 days

ok. about me singing on my wedding day.

it will be something like in the picture. although the singer is not the bride but the drummer is the groom... unless his friend angah which is the actual drummer of his band is coming then ikmal will play the guitar... easier to flirt lil bit kan???


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6 Responses to exactly 30 days

  1. ZARA says:

    Norhayati Rostam

    betul betul betul

    serious =D

  2. Really?
    If that so, I nak try jugak untuk attend ur wedding.

  3. waalllaa! says:
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  4. waalllaa! says:

    nanti post gambar kawin byk2 tau kat blog nie..nak tgk..mesti u yang the gorgeous punyer la.hehe..

  5. ZARA says:

    Norhayati Rostam

    hahahha... baiklah...


    thanks much ;)