damsel in distress

We have less than 5 days, to be exact about 4 more days and 22hours left

Ikmal and I need to see each other for practicing our performance. So, he spend the night at my parents house yesterday. While practising, look what my lovely lil sister wrote. Isn't she the cutest! sans the part the gooey heartache part.

Sadly Ikmal left this morning. Aarrgghhh... what would i be without him. Nobody to send me back to Melaka and nobody to save me! which come to an interesting story of what happen yesterday, What a day yesterday! phewww...

Those who follow me on twitter know that I was like a damsel in distress yesterday. I was trapped at my apartment for about 2 hours with my house key still in the house, while I was outside of the house and the grill is locked as well. haha. I blame the wind. But we all knew what happen. Actually it was totally my forgetful self to blame. Totally the highlight of this year.

Tahirah called me rapunzel, haha. And I do feel like one yesterday.

Thanks to my neighbor who went down the apartment alerted Ikmal who was waiting in the car. Ikmal went up with his toolbox, I slot his mesra card, kick the door, knock the knob, kick the knob, hammer them... nothing happen... for about I think 2 hours!!!

Then we gave up.

We both haven't breakfast, thought of going to Liyana's wedding then Ell's wedding in Melaka tu pasal tak makan. mana tau yg I will be stuck outside my house in my kebaya. hahaha.

Ikmal went down looking for maintenance number, which he called and explained the situation… and maintenance guy kata he’s coming back around 7pm. What? Aarrgghhh… gile kau? It was 1pm masa tu. *pengsan*

I called up my mom, she didn’t pick up, smsed her no reply. Guard pon macam buat bodoh. I feel like a caged animal. SERIOUS. Ikmal left me quite a few times, in search for help. So I was alone most of the time. I’ve drained all my energy from the standing, kicking and throwing myself at the door, so I decided to just sit on the dirty floor and think. Before he left me, he gave his phone… so that he can call me for updates. Before he left for the last time br dia bg my phone which then I updated my twitter.

Everybody seems to be very concerned. Haha.

I was so frustrated with my foolery. Uuggghhhh! Ikmal then came with oreos and drinks so we both sat on the floor, separated by my house sliding grill door. We laughed real hard, that I cried. Haha.

While discussing options, fire fighters came popping out of my mind. Huahahaha… but that would be funny to call up bomba and then tell them what? That I got stuck because of my idiocy? Well, apa number bomba eh? I ask Ikmal. “try 994?”

Hello, boleh saya tau kecemasan cik?

Saya tak tau lah ni kecemasan ke tidak, tapi saya terperangkap luar rumah and grill saya berkunci.

Ok saya akan sambung kan ke bomba

The operator seems so lovely that I don’t feel like a total douche bag for locking myself out of the house. So, bomba say they’ll come ASAP. And they came within like 15mins. We could hear the siren blaring from afar. Gosh. I can feel my face redden as Ikmal told me of the frenzy down at my apartment. OMG. It was so embarrassing. Even police came.

Luckily nobody followed the fire fighters up to my front door. At least they don’t know who’s the damsel. Kahkah.

So, we leave for Melaka at about 3.30pm almost 4pm sampai around 5.30-6pm went to Tok Imam of our kampong house. Tak sempat pergi both Liyana and Ell’s wedding. So Selamat Pengantin Baru Ell and Liyana.

Not forgetting nora, Moose and Sarah… Selamat Pengantin Baru ;)

p/s: My superb Best friend cum cute Maid of Honor blame ‘Darah Manis’. But I blame myself, I believe in Allah and this is his test not some rubbish nonsense ;)

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5 Responses to damsel in distress

  1. LisaLisut says:

    ya allah zara..cmne la bole smpai cmtu.sbr jela.hihi

  2. waalllaa! says:

    kelakar la zara ni..bleh plak terkunci..haha..yg kelakarnyer jadi romantik plak sembang ngan ikmal tp terisah ngan grill..hehehe...so funny both of u..jgn wat cam ni hari nk wedding tau..sian tok kadi kena tunggu lama..hehe..gud luck zara..ur day is coming..and my day will follow u soon..but dunno yet when it will be happen..

  3. zara..nasiblah ada bomba kan? anyway..few more days to go..good luck dear..enjoy ur big day!! =D

  4. dah tinggal berapa lama jer lagi kan.. hehe.. teringat my time dulu, berdebar2 tapi dalam hati syok giler heheh..

  5. ZARA says:


    kihkihkih... kelam kibut sangat...


    haha... tu lah... kesian tok imam tu... thanks hunny!


    naseb sangat. tu yg nk pi jemput diorang nnti. hihi. thanks dear!


    huahahha... syok? agak ar.... tak sabar!