all is good


guess what... none of what i ever blog will be use. okay, im exaggerating... but most of what i plan di hijacked family. SERIOUSLY... come to think of it... pergi mam lah... sy malas nak pikir! I AM NOT A BRIDEZILLA!

I refuse to label myself that... though some says that i am =p

i am still devastated by the passing of my beloved daughter, CICI... Everytime i think of her, i'll cry. i woke up yesterday, checking my twitter and mails, then i receive a call from her vet

"hello cik azara"

yes Dr Tan

"Sorry this is from Vally, CICI sudah mati this morning"

you know what i did? i cried over the phone and hang up and cried hysterically... sampai Makcik Sal, our maid masuk tanya kenapa. Amiza who slept kat sebelah pon terperanjat sampai terbangun tido.

i seriously scream like janda baru mati laki.

now im missing her... it's just kill me inside to know the fact that she died alone and i didn't get a chance to kiss her or hug her and say that i love her and stuff...

i know this has nothing to do with my wedding preps... but i just wanna share my sorrow... sobs sobs...

this is her

when she was one day old

Big brother Tapir =)

with Puppy (birth mom)

that innocent look...

her most recent adult photos

her tail post op 2nd December 2010

she looks normal the day we took her back from the clinic 6th December 2010

the infection strikes back 8th December 2010

She passed away yesterday 22nd December 2010. I hope she didnt suffer when she passed... i hope she knows that i love her though i was not there beside her to let her know...

Rest in peace my baby... mommy loves u... Your brothers, sisters, daughters, nephews and nieces love u... We all love u dearly...

p/s: i'm sorry for putting non-wedding articles here. i'm just beyond sad right now...

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17 Responses to all is good

  1. huwaa... be strong dear... **HUGS**
    i cant imagine macam mana kalau benda ni jadi to me.. mesti sedih sangat2.. but believe me dear. cici is now in a better place watching over all of us.. be strong k.. RIP Cici..

  2. ZARA says:


    Thanks Lady! dah dua hari... everytime ingat, still sebak. uugghhh... tak da mood nak cerita kahwin.

  3. Rai says:

    Siannyerh u. Sabar k.
    anggap ni dugaan.

  4. ZARA says:


    Thanks dear...

  5. LisaLisut says:

    so cute no wonder u cried ur hearts out.huhu.its okay zara kdg2 kene channel out ur kesedihan jugak lagi2 dh dkt nk kawin ni kan.

    cheeers :)

  6. ZARA says:


    thanks sangat... yg cute perangai dia... suka buat puppy face and hulur2 tangan... gosh i miss her!

  7. uwaaaa sorry to hear that dear...semuanya cute2!

  8. ZARA says:


    Sobs... thanks farah...

  9. Cik Belle says:

    zara, this is sad. =( RIP cici.

  10. amElyn says:

    RIP Cici.
    ok.ak dah ingat yang mana satu.
    comel. =|

  11. ZARA says:


    ik... sangat... thanks


    dua hari nangis merugu2... now ok sikit, cuma tak leh tgk gambar dia. tengok sure nangis! sebak!

    ~ THALHA ~

    thanks dear...

  12. zara!!! be strong. i know u love her..

  13. dear sorry to hear..i cant imagine if my baby (cat jugak of course) jd mcm itu...huaaa sadis nya..balik ni nak kiss mereka alot

  14. Aya says:

    sending my condolences to u.. i used to have cats jgk.. tp bile satu2 died or hilang, terus rasa xnk bela lg.. takut nnti teringat2

  15. ZARA says:

    journey of a lady

    u should... i pon kiss my cats everyday, cuba nk kiss sume tp tak larat, ramai sangat... mana yg larat je lah.


    thanks aya. i've known and live with cats my whole life so they are like a part of me. susah kalau takda kucing. sbb rasa cam takda adek beradek.