*scheduled entry*

About 50 hours left.

I should kill myself if I say I’m not ready.

Well, I am mentally ready but not physically. I have Brazilian wax appointment today in Bangsar, and tons of other errands to run. GOSH.

Seriously. It’s a mess. Tapi. I’m lucky to have my mother yang think everything through. I know now why a lot of people opt for having weddings kat dewan or hotel. Repeatedly my mom says that this will be the first and last wedding kat rumah. Hahhaha… OK mum!

The house is almost ready. I think. Everyday there are people around the house doing different things. Having faith that everything will turn out okay certainly helps us. Again. I’m lucky that I have a mother like my mom. She puts faith in everything she does.

I guess I would turn out differently if not for my mother ;)

Just ordered my cake. It’s wonderfully simple. I thought of doing myself but I HAVE NO TIME. Plus I’m dead tired. I need rest. Like a very deep rest. A spa maybe? Hihi…

I’ve always hated a bare post. Feel naked. So here’s Dino

And Tapir.

Diorang dua-dua tengah bosan takda kawan as all 30++ cats of mine kena perintah kurung since Monday. Hihi.

p/s: saya sepatutnya di beri perintah berkurung. Tapi I’m rebel. jealous tak? hihi

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5 Responses to 50

  1. R-YuzSha says:

    all the best of luck dear...

  2. waalllaa! says:

    hehe..u r so nervous when u started counting the hours left..good luck dear..

  3. ZARA says:


    thanks hunny!

    Hana Jaafar,

    yup or more, i cant really be sure sbb diorang asek beranak =)


    Thanks dear!


    hihihihi.... thanks!