100% handmade by the bride

people seem to be very excited to know that i did the invitation cards on my own from scratch. HONESTLY, it was from scratch. phewww...

and i did them alone. the first 50, Angah, yoyoi, abg zarul, mama, mja and adek came to help. the next 150, saya buat sorang-sorang...

Owh, ikmal did his on his own too. when i decided to make my own cards, dia tak nak kalah. haha... jealous much?

anyway, i have sent out the cards, lambat... i know! mom said to sent out 2 weeks before as reminder... i don't know. ikut saje lah labu.

i think you'll get to see how the end product looks like when it reach your mail box. hihi...

here's pictures of the making

We have trimmer, score blade, adhesive, scallop and round puncher... i love card making!!! all equipment we bought from Scrap and Crop. I'll make a step-by-step tutorial after the wedding okay? we now have to move on to potpourris...

Last weekend, went for first fitting with my first reception dress designer! It was so beautiful! Ikmal siap record the fitting with his new canon camcorder, we bought the camcorder Saturday as one of hantarans, Sunday dia dah rasmikan. gedik sungguh!

and first reception shoes bought kat pavilion jugak a long with the camcorder, i heart the shoes to bits! *bliss*

look what i found in his wallet while shopping last weekend. a picture of his two favourite woman. his mom and me ;) isnt life wonderful?

p/s: that picture taken back when i was smaller. smaller as in the weight. i was about 48kg. hurm.

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21 Responses to 100% handmade by the bride

  1. LisaLisut says:

    huyooo.cun gile.hihi.sungguh gigih kamu ni ye cik zara ;p gosh dh tak lama lg la u.bestnye

  2. ZARA says:


    ikr, 11 days. gosh!

  3. Dhiya says:

    eh...dah tinggal 11days, sempat ke u buat kad tu? seriously rajin pls..

  4. ZARA says:


    dah siap dah... tinggal baru pos... hihihihi

  5. Dhiya says:

    ahhhh...ke i yg lambat bace? or u lampat post cerita? lol :)

    congrats :)

  6. ZARA says:


    hahahhaa... i dh penah post cerita before ni. tapi br nk post gambar... hihihii...

  7. good job zara!!!

    wahh pic masa smaller? cntik!! same goes to me la..skg comey hehehe

  8. ZARA says:


    thanks farah ;) biasalah kan... bahagia... chewah!

  9. K.I.N.A says:

    hai zara! wah..48kg tu pun mengingatkan i masa dulu..haha..skg da 52kg..hehu..we met at kay's wedding ke?i linked u..

  10. ZARA says:


    yeah! of course! 52 ok lagi... im 58 =(

  11. Dhiya says:

    ZARA, like seriously? u must be kidding u gained 10kg? sayangnye....cepat2 get back into shape. ngeeee

  12. ZARA says:


    10kg? no... i gained 20kg since i met him. lost about 10 since early this year and will try to loose more in the future. now dah tak sempat... baju semua dah siap... hehehehe

  13. Dhiya says:

    heh? besar mane je u kalau u gained 29kgs? my goodness... u r so small...xpe...will power tu yg important :)

  14. ZARA says:


    actually 20kg je lah... agak besar lah... yg tak best nya he seems fine with it... sbb tu lah towards the end ni dah malas.

  15. waalllaa! says:

    rajinnye buat kad sendiri..samela kita, bila dh couple badan naik..from 48kg I naik smpai 65kg. ni baru sebulan diet.I baru turun 3kg..actually dah lama diet tapi berat xnak turun..after makan Shaklee diet protein tu baru berat turun...hehe..seronok plak bila berat dah turun kan..best la u berat dah turun 10kg..huhu..when will be my turn..?? tak sabar nk tgk picture kawin u..good luck sis!

  16. sweet! i love ur hair the most!

    babe, can i have ur invitation pls?

  17. ZARA says:


    u mesti discipline! kalau i strict w my diet i rasa i dah turun 20 kg. haha. tapi sbb main2 dapat 10 kg je sobs!




    thanks!!! bg lah address!!

  18. Wah..
    Me too!
    I pun buat sendiri.
    Puas hati kan.

  19. R-YuzSha says:

    good effort!! Pasti puas hatikan dapat menghasilkannyer sendiri.. saya sokong..

  20. ZARA says:

    Norhayati Rostam,

    of course... mmg enjoy sangat...


    mmg puas hati sangat2 walaupun ada yg tampal senget ke apa... hahahha