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Im hairless

Huahahha... im hair free! i've wax everything off! huhuhu.... i've done Brazillian wax at Strip Bangsar. I took the Forest Virgin promotion XXX All Off RM88 =)

I forgot to tell them i wanted to do Full arm and Full leg, so I had to do Full Arm at Strip Sunway, nearer to Subang Jaya as I have appointment for Facial hair threading at SS15.

I'll write a review on Waxing VS Threading later. insya-Allah tomorrow.

Canopies are up when i reach home yesterday which was around 2am. Everything seems to be in order. Pelamin design and done by my lil sister up today.

here's some pics of them canopies

Tengah amek gambar fishie mintak makan.

okay people. sayonara! i have to go mani padi, among other things... -_-"

p/s: semalam salah kira jam. that 50 hours left is suppose to be today! hahahahahaha... azara nur dah gile =D

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*scheduled entry*

About 50 hours left.

I should kill myself if I say I’m not ready.

Well, I am mentally ready but not physically. I have Brazilian wax appointment today in Bangsar, and tons of other errands to run. GOSH.

Seriously. It’s a mess. Tapi. I’m lucky to have my mother yang think everything through. I know now why a lot of people opt for having weddings kat dewan or hotel. Repeatedly my mom says that this will be the first and last wedding kat rumah. Hahhaha… OK mum!

The house is almost ready. I think. Everyday there are people around the house doing different things. Having faith that everything will turn out okay certainly helps us. Again. I’m lucky that I have a mother like my mom. She puts faith in everything she does.

I guess I would turn out differently if not for my mother ;)

Just ordered my cake. It’s wonderfully simple. I thought of doing myself but I HAVE NO TIME. Plus I’m dead tired. I need rest. Like a very deep rest. A spa maybe? Hihi…

I’ve always hated a bare post. Feel naked. So here’s Dino

And Tapir.

Diorang dua-dua tengah bosan takda kawan as all 30++ cats of mine kena perintah kurung since Monday. Hihi.

p/s: saya sepatutnya di beri perintah berkurung. Tapi I’m rebel. jealous tak? hihi


88 hours left

LUCKY 88 =)

Everybody seems to received their card. im glad. habis sume wall kt FB saying it's cute lah pretty lah, cantek lah. i have to say im really glad. Handmade kau! mana tak bangga! hihi

My friend Nadd even tweet about them. kihkih. saya sangat happy!

here's the card

inside of the card

source: Nadd's TwitPic

actually bawah itinerary is map. tapi terhalang dengan my postcard. hihi.

p/s: notice the cute button? my favourite part of the card ;)

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damsel in distress

We have less than 5 days, to be exact about 4 more days and 22hours left

Ikmal and I need to see each other for practicing our performance. So, he spend the night at my parents house yesterday. While practising, look what my lovely lil sister wrote. Isn't she the cutest! sans the part the gooey heartache part.

Sadly Ikmal left this morning. Aarrgghhh... what would i be without him. Nobody to send me back to Melaka and nobody to save me! which come to an interesting story of what happen yesterday, What a day yesterday! phewww...

Those who follow me on twitter know that I was like a damsel in distress yesterday. I was trapped at my apartment for about 2 hours with my house key still in the house, while I was outside of the house and the grill is locked as well. haha. I blame the wind. But we all knew what happen. Actually it was totally my forgetful self to blame. Totally the highlight of this year.

Tahirah called me rapunzel, haha. And I do feel like one yesterday.

Thanks to my neighbor who went down the apartment alerted Ikmal who was waiting in the car. Ikmal went up with his toolbox, I slot his mesra card, kick the door, knock the knob, kick the knob, hammer them... nothing happen... for about I think 2 hours!!!

Then we gave up.

We both haven't breakfast, thought of going to Liyana's wedding then Ell's wedding in Melaka tu pasal tak makan. mana tau yg I will be stuck outside my house in my kebaya. hahaha.

Ikmal went down looking for maintenance number, which he called and explained the situation… and maintenance guy kata he’s coming back around 7pm. What? Aarrgghhh… gile kau? It was 1pm masa tu. *pengsan*

I called up my mom, she didn’t pick up, smsed her no reply. Guard pon macam buat bodoh. I feel like a caged animal. SERIOUS. Ikmal left me quite a few times, in search for help. So I was alone most of the time. I’ve drained all my energy from the standing, kicking and throwing myself at the door, so I decided to just sit on the dirty floor and think. Before he left me, he gave his phone… so that he can call me for updates. Before he left for the last time br dia bg my phone which then I updated my twitter.

Everybody seems to be very concerned. Haha.

I was so frustrated with my foolery. Uuggghhhh! Ikmal then came with oreos and drinks so we both sat on the floor, separated by my house sliding grill door. We laughed real hard, that I cried. Haha.

While discussing options, fire fighters came popping out of my mind. Huahahaha… but that would be funny to call up bomba and then tell them what? That I got stuck because of my idiocy? Well, apa number bomba eh? I ask Ikmal. “try 994?”

Hello, boleh saya tau kecemasan cik?

Saya tak tau lah ni kecemasan ke tidak, tapi saya terperangkap luar rumah and grill saya berkunci.

Ok saya akan sambung kan ke bomba

The operator seems so lovely that I don’t feel like a total douche bag for locking myself out of the house. So, bomba say they’ll come ASAP. And they came within like 15mins. We could hear the siren blaring from afar. Gosh. I can feel my face redden as Ikmal told me of the frenzy down at my apartment. OMG. It was so embarrassing. Even police came.

Luckily nobody followed the fire fighters up to my front door. At least they don’t know who’s the damsel. Kahkah.

So, we leave for Melaka at about 3.30pm almost 4pm sampai around 5.30-6pm went to Tok Imam of our kampong house. Tak sempat pergi both Liyana and Ell’s wedding. So Selamat Pengantin Baru Ell and Liyana.

Not forgetting nora, Moose and Sarah… Selamat Pengantin Baru ;)

p/s: My superb Best friend cum cute Maid of Honor blame ‘Darah Manis’. But I blame myself, I believe in Allah and this is his test not some rubbish nonsense ;)

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i guess this is ours

such a talented boy... i love this picture he tagged me.

sy rasa cam nak hire dia untuk record video masa wedding... tapi... budget nak cekau mana???

p/s: agak2 apa dalam kotak tu? huhu...

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all is good


guess what... none of what i ever blog will be use. okay, im exaggerating... but most of what i plan di hijacked family. SERIOUSLY... come to think of it... pergi mam lah... sy malas nak pikir! I AM NOT A BRIDEZILLA!

I refuse to label myself that... though some says that i am =p

i am still devastated by the passing of my beloved daughter, CICI... Everytime i think of her, i'll cry. i woke up yesterday, checking my twitter and mails, then i receive a call from her vet

"hello cik azara"

yes Dr Tan

"Sorry this is from Vally, CICI sudah mati this morning"

you know what i did? i cried over the phone and hang up and cried hysterically... sampai Makcik Sal, our maid masuk tanya kenapa. Amiza who slept kat sebelah pon terperanjat sampai terbangun tido.

i seriously scream like janda baru mati laki.

now im missing her... it's just kill me inside to know the fact that she died alone and i didn't get a chance to kiss her or hug her and say that i love her and stuff...

i know this has nothing to do with my wedding preps... but i just wanna share my sorrow... sobs sobs...

this is her

when she was one day old

Big brother Tapir =)

with Puppy (birth mom)

that innocent look...

her most recent adult photos

her tail post op 2nd December 2010

she looks normal the day we took her back from the clinic 6th December 2010

the infection strikes back 8th December 2010

She passed away yesterday 22nd December 2010. I hope she didnt suffer when she passed... i hope she knows that i love her though i was not there beside her to let her know...

Rest in peace my baby... mommy loves u... Your brothers, sisters, daughters, nephews and nieces love u... We all love u dearly...

p/s: i'm sorry for putting non-wedding articles here. i'm just beyond sad right now...

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10 more days!

10 more days and I’ll be somebody's wife. 10 more days and I’m out of this misery. 10 more days. 10 more days. I’m thrilled, anxious and nervous all at the same time.

The excitement is intense. Really close friends already started shopping for new clothes to wear… hahaha… so cute! I love the fact that I’ll be celebrating my big day with most of my friends and family. I can’t wait!

Yesterday I share on my 100% handmade cards, today I want to show u guys my wedding postcard invites for the second reception. It was design by my darling sister, Amiza Nur. It’s really simple and it cost about less than 30 cents each, paper+printing.

And it only cost 30cents for postage.


I’m cheapo like that!

Here’s the front, picture of us and map

And here where you put their addresses and the invitation. No envelopes.

Me likey me card so much!

p/s: auto publish entry until the w-day?

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100% handmade by the bride

people seem to be very excited to know that i did the invitation cards on my own from scratch. HONESTLY, it was from scratch. phewww...

and i did them alone. the first 50, Angah, yoyoi, abg zarul, mama, mja and adek came to help. the next 150, saya buat sorang-sorang...

Owh, ikmal did his on his own too. when i decided to make my own cards, dia tak nak kalah. haha... jealous much?

anyway, i have sent out the cards, lambat... i know! mom said to sent out 2 weeks before as reminder... i don't know. ikut saje lah labu.

i think you'll get to see how the end product looks like when it reach your mail box. hihi...

here's pictures of the making

We have trimmer, score blade, adhesive, scallop and round puncher... i love card making!!! all equipment we bought from Scrap and Crop. I'll make a step-by-step tutorial after the wedding okay? we now have to move on to potpourris...

Last weekend, went for first fitting with my first reception dress designer! It was so beautiful! Ikmal siap record the fitting with his new canon camcorder, we bought the camcorder Saturday as one of hantarans, Sunday dia dah rasmikan. gedik sungguh!

and first reception shoes bought kat pavilion jugak a long with the camcorder, i heart the shoes to bits! *bliss*

look what i found in his wallet while shopping last weekend. a picture of his two favourite woman. his mom and me ;) isnt life wonderful?

p/s: that picture taken back when i was smaller. smaller as in the weight. i was about 48kg. hurm.

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Queenstown Accommodation BOOKED!

I really hope we chose the right place to stay! Aminn.... I am worried sick actually as we waited till like now to book accommodation as Ikmal was having a hard time recovering from all the money burnt. Haha. Now I know why people always say you have to marry a wealthy guy.

I kid. Ikmal is the best I can get. He’s loyal and cute and funny and talented. He reads, he plays guitar, drums, bass. He’s determined. He’s MINE!

Ok enough of bragging.


Anyway... we are staying at Goldleaf Hill Dream Studio.

Pictures looks promising aye? Pray hard that i'll be like what i imagine!

p/s: JetStar is flying from KL to Auckland starting MARCH 2011 and AirAsia is flying from KL to Christchurch if im not mistaken starting APRIL 2011. the airfare is more than half cheaper than what we paid!

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Why I dont want to BERSANDING

I have a few reasons, but religious issue is the least actually. The main reason is because I am really shy; I seriously don’t know how to control cun. I don’t know how to act sparkling, gracious, charming woman in front tons of people. I seriously can’t and won’t.

I know some of you didn't notice my awkwardness in my pre-wedding pictures, well that’s because you don’t know me. In person I meant. Most all my family and friends notice it. My mother even warned me to not behave as such on the day. Pheww… I have to try really hard! It’s unnatural actually. I am naturally awkward when whole lot of people staring at me… Bbrrrr… *Goosebumps*

So that’s the first and main reason. Secondly, I have two receptions as you know. The first reception is a bit formal; we have seating chart, performances, event itinerary etc. The second reception is a bit informal, people can come and go.

So, usually for a formal reception guests are required to be early. You come; they show you your seat. You sit and wait for the event to start then you wait for the couple to bersanding then you eat, then you’ll be entertain with some music, listen to speeches then maybe towards the end of the event you get to greet them and be photograph. You spent the whole event just watching the bride and groom from afar. Well… that’s not my idea of celebrating the happiest day of my live.

I want my guest to be close to me… I want them to get to say hi and chat a little bit… I get to walk around and see how everybody is doing… dance with them… have fun… do all sort of crazy things with them… aaahhh… bliss!

Hence me separating the event ;)

As for the second reception, the typical Malay wedding you attend where the event is from 12-4pm or sometimes up to 5pm, the couple usually came around 1pm or maybe 2pm to bersanding then to those who came early and ate have to wait for the bride and groom to arrive and wait again for them to finish bersanding then if ada pertunjukkan silat have to wait some more. Afterwards when they are eating, tak kan you want to interrupt? Sometimes, in a day if you have two wedding to attend you just have to interrupt their meal just to say hi and congratulate them, which I personally think is rude.

Then if to avoid such hassle, you usually wait till around 3pm to attend a wedding and then what happen to the other wedding if there are two invitations in a day or maybe three? You either be late or just had to let the other slip…

I've been a guest to so many wedding and usually we are not only coming for the food, we want to mingle a little bit with the bride and groom… say hi and take a picture or two or maybe up to ten… haha… let them know how happy you are to see them on their wedding day. Personally wish them, or pass them ang pow… I just want my guest to be happy and also to be close to them *macam ayat ahli politik*

Hope this clear the air, as some thinks that I was being resistant to the MALAY culture by not wanting to bersanding. I am a sensible person; I don’t simply make decisions without thinking them through. To me, what important is your intention.

I am sorry if you feel that I am trying to show off. I actually am not. I think all I want is a small humble wedding. Not over the top royalty-like wedding. I don’t have any intention to prove my wedding is the best and your wedding sucks or I hire all famous vendors and you don’t. I am better than that. My parents teach me to be better than that.

I think I am happy with what I have now. Alhamdullillah

p/s: I only have bersanding after nikah. As requested by family members.

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I was the 'anak orang kaya' to just about everybody in my kampong, my primary school teachers and friends, my secondary school teachers and friends and some of my university friends. Though I don’t feel like one, people still just assume I am.

Well, my parents are not that ‘kaya’ as you might think. And even if they are rich, it’s their money… not mine.

So, I really don’t have a say in how many guest should we invite on my wedding. It has long been decided by my parents as we are bound to society. People assume we are lavishly wealthy so it is important that we invite everybody to avoid discontent among them.

Sometimes I am a bit uncomfortable when people especially friends came to ask how many guest invited, because some may not understand. When I gave them the numbers, they will just assume that the wedding will be grand; some even make that envious, intimidating look and gave a ludicrous remark over it. I cannot help myself but to chuckle in amusement of such behavior.

To be honest, I don’t even know what grand means anymore. Different people define grand differently.

We have less than 20days now. My mom still confused on the exact number of people to invite. It sometimes 2k then she said 3k then she change again to 1.5k and when dad start to remember some people to invite they change the numbers back to 2k. I think the final number is now 3k... probably…

I think most of them got to do with my late grandmother. Even the chief minister of Melaka came to her funeral. She is quite influential in Melaka. I was brought up thinking my grandmother is really a cool awesome businesswoman, so I am sorry if I got this wrong… hehehe

However, since we are living in a community where numbers is such a matter… there will be hundreds or maybe thousands of couple decided to get married or engaged as the same day as mine. So I am a bit at the worried side, I kept on questioning what if…

What if the people came didn’t match the numbers? What if there are too many leftovers?

Hurm... It’s really too late to change any numbers now. Hahaha… literally any numbers!!! The date, the hantaran, the number of guest, the number of potpourris, the number that appear on my weighing scale… hahaha… seriously…

I think the only number that could change is the number of pimple you get from the stress…

Looking on the bright side, I kinda miss my late grandmother. She was awesome! I’m lucky to still have Angah, my auntie which almost like my grandmother in terms of the bebel and cooking… hehehehe…

p/s: A lot to do today, no wonder The Bangles call it Manic Monday but what about NOFX and their Thank God It's Monday? Hurm…

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I am Woman

I am woman, hear me roar!

Haha... i am a woman with a super busy schedule. as soon as we got back from Indonesia, wedding workload just came pouring... Fuh!!


1. My Baju Nikah done!
2. Bertandang dress kebaya done! tapi inner just sent to tailor -_-"
3. First reception dress fitting on 18th December and second reception dress will be ready on the same date.

This is Aunty Ritta (mom's best friend) and Ishmel her son. we went to Mayestik after fitting baju nikah with Deden.

we then head to Bandung naik Cipaganti. about RP 70,000 per person.

We drop our luggage at Arion Swiss Bel-Hotel, then straight to Uday's place for bertandang outfit fitting. ikmal's was a perfect fit despite his absence during the order, i just gave uday ikmal's measurement and it turn out beautiful! since i only order the outer kebaya with Uday, it's really hard to say mine was a perfect fit or not. but the beadings are marvelous! Aunty Ritta repeatedly says how beautiful it is!

We then went back to the hotel for meeting up with Pak Jojo's assistant for ikmal's tux. after taking his measurement we went for late dinner at warung pasta, our favorite place to eat in Bandung! the garlic bread is to die for! and that's for day one!

Day two is started with Pasar Baru which is in walking distance with our hotel. we first help aunty Ritta looking for kain lace. it's for her nephew engagement on 1st January jugak. the kain is for hantaran tunang. and we got them at Ranitex. You can look for Pak Sugu. i think their lace is more classy than other shops...

this is the first toko we went in search of beaded lace

and this is the last toko kain we went for other kain for Aunty Ritta

We then decided to separate as i need to find kebaya for my sisters and fitting for second reception outfit. but she came for my fitting at Mbak Lina's shop, because she wants to evaluate her workmanship, Mbak Lina's bridal package is cheaper than Uday, about Rp 800,000 lesser than Uday's.

But the package we took from Uday doesn't include inner for the kebaya and kasut but the package we took from Mbak Lina includes everything!


to our disappointment, not only the outfit not ready, it was not like what we ordered. Aunty Ritta then switched on her aunty-bridezilla mode and bombarded Mbak Lina with a lot of comments.

I really hope she jot down all of our complain and FIX it!!!

After the crazy shopping at Pasar Baru, we went for our dinner at Kartika Sari, i like their mee kocok, sup bontot and dim sum... nyum nyum... Owh and it is also in walking distance with our hotel ;)

after dinner, we went to Jalan Riau saje2 to kill time sambil looking for Ishmel figurines and other toys. Memet my Abang angkat brought us to this place...

OMG... bestnya!!! it has all kind of other people's junk!!! we spend the most time here... There's this phone, shape of a skull that ikmal and I wanted to buy tapi pikir pikir pikir, tak jd beli sebab it's a bit expensive. Ikmal bought a few drumsticks, and I bought nothing... hehehehe

The last place we went before we went back to our hotel for Ikmal's fitting with Pak Jojo. Again we are satisfied with Ikmal's suit. baju Ikmal semua perfect! i think he is the kind of guy who never complain so Allah permudahkan everything for him.

i don't think i need to elaborate on our journey back =P but i do have one thing to share with all brides.

preparing for our wedding is challenging i think we all know that by now. but the most important is that you don't complain about it, don't sigh and nag about those challenges we face. some of u may be familiar with the law of attraction, if not go grab 'The Secret by Rhonda Byrne'

you complain on one thing and more of the other thing will surface. this apply to not only your wedding preparation, it apply to your life as well.

So... be positive!

p/s: i'm thankful everyday... do u?

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