Xora and Zaila Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Well, i felt really bad for not going to both wedding yesterday. Ikmal's sis engagement was yesterday as well. So i need to be there for baking red velvet cupcakes for hantaran and guests. i intended to sneak out to zaila's wedding around 2pm but that's when all ikmal's Mak sedara and Pak sedara mai... So... had to stay. Plus, Ikmal's first batch of Tiramisu licin, i had to help make second batch. Actually it's for his sis-in-law and brother... they are ikmal's biggest Tiramisu fans... Haha

Owh and guest what? im considering to bake my own cake... gile tak?

My favourite? Of course the middle ;) sweet and simple... like me =p huahahaha

Owh i manage to buy a few things for hantaran last week. Friday was Parkson's Bonuslink Member's day, so we bought perfume set and got RM30 Parkson Cash Voucher, and we use the voucher for Ikmal's belt and wallet.

Picture credits:
Hush Puppies Obermain

Saturday pulak was Hush Puppies and Obermain warehouse sale; we bought a total of 4 pairs of shoes and one bag. Obermain for Ikmal's hantaran shoes and hush Puppies for mine, and a Hush Puppies bag for hantaran. Obermain casual shoes for Ikmal and a nude pink heels for me to wear masa nikah.

and according to Ikmal and I quote, "Azara Nur, im officially botak!"

well, that's what happen when you decided to change your four tyres to Michelin without consulting ;)

p/s: more things to update this week! excited!

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6 Responses to Xora and Zaila Selamat Pengantin Baru!

  1. zara, my other half said the same too! hahaha.

  2. hehe,kelakar la pasal yg "botak" tu zara.
    nice cake la yg middle tu.simple but nice! :)

  3. sumpit says:

    since u can bake really well, then just bake your own.

    i'd say, kalu order, 80% of the time it'll turn out to be different from wht u envision. Not necessarily a bad thing kalu turn out better that wht u want, tp kalu turn out lg teruk... :(

  4. ElyaElmo says:

    klo u gi... pastii kiterrr jumpaaa kann!!

  5. mmg tayar michelin mahal... i tukar haritu pon pikir 2 3 kali gak, tapi sebab review kata best, terus tukar. huhu

    zara bake red velvet cake tu guna buttermilk x? share the recipe please~ hee

  6. ZARA says:


    i think most guys yg nak kahwin kata gitu. hahaha kan?

    Khalisa Ridzuan:

    Yup, that cake in the middle!!! so gonna do it!


    hahaha. i bake well aye? hihihi...


    tu lah... sedih =(

    PurPLe LaDy AiFA:

    mahal giler! beribu habis wei!!!! nnti i buat tutorial red velvet. *entah bile pulak tu*