That bubbly feeling

honestly, this may sound vain but i love my wedding postcards. it looks better than what i imagined or hoped for. Thanks to my talented sishter and Faz!!! Owh cakap pasal Faz, dont forget to catch him every Sunday 6.30pm on Astro Ria ;)

on to next boring wedding stuff is another trip to Jakarta and Bandung -_-" mom and angah insisted that i go for fitting and such, hurm. so Friday say hello to Jakarta and Bandung.

Ikmal is going too so at least that's something new! will it be like pre-honeymoon??? huahhhaha *dush*

Anyway, last week we attended one of Ikmal close friend's wedding... so we get to pass my "Starbuck" invitation card... and to my relieve they love it! phhewwww... They already discussing on spending new year in Melaka so Alhamdullillah... i can cross them off my things-to-worry list.

It is important to me that they attend as I spend more time with them than my own friends so i want them on my wedding day.

For Aie and Lynn,

Selamat Pengantin Baru, may you live happily ever after blessed with health, abundance and joy...


Okay, back to my wedding... Ikmal requested that I perform a song with his band. ughh... can i don't want to remember the last time i sang??? its mortifying! uwaaaa....

should i?

Can i sing something non-romantic, non-wedding related songs like Bob NOFX??? at least i don't sound cheesy... haha or Hot dog in hallway NOFX sounded more me? huahhahaha

okay enuff of my blather.


p/s: can i not sing??????????????

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3 Responses to That bubbly feeling

  1. waalllaa! says:

    there is 31 days left,..about a month..wish u best of luck..a postcard? sounds anything u wanna do..coz marriage is just once in a lifetime and we want the best for our self.. its ok if its looks long as u can bare the is just fine.. enjoy the day! anyway i love reding ur blog..its simple..and could be ur memories after ur u become a wife and a mother..soon..hehe..

  2. ZARA says:


    thanks honey!!!!!!

  3. fika79 says:

    waa..mesti u nyanyi sedap...ish kan best kalau i kat mesia..blhla tgk u sanding..huhuhu