Takut ke nervous?

Im going to jalan kenanga today. Insya-Allah. will bake another two batches of red velvet, need to pick up dad's car kat padang jawa. send cupcake to my academic writing advisor. then home to pack. Mama is coming back tomorrow around subuh. so will be driving dad's car to LCCT to pick her up and head straight to Melaka.

A bit nervous about driving dad's car, as last month my sis atiza scratch whole two doors and another sis amiza reverse her car without looking and BAM! kena kereta abah. So......... agak scary! since i spent most of my time here so i rarely get the chance to drive dad's car... S class pulak tu, lagi lah scary =P

But anyway, im now getting to ready to see my future MIL, gigi sakit!!! i didnt talk much yesterday because of them and slept early after taking two panadols. woke up this morning with a bigger pain!

Naseb ada future MIL!

Anyway, future parents in law still contemplating whether they should do the wedding kat dewan somewhere or kat rumah. They promise to make a decision before the week ends as fiance needs to print wedding invites. I wish i could be more helpful, i really have zero idea about dewans in shah alam or anywhere else for that matter.

im a kawen kat rumah type of girl. haha. but this is for his side, i think dewan is okay kot. but since we do not have pelamin, it would be kinda bare isnt it? then we will need to spent on the decor pulak! $$$$$

Naseb ada Chenta Weddings hehehe... last week i asked for a photobooth but may need to ask for other services as well nampaknya sekarang...

tapikan... i was thinking... how about buat kat padang? since i do not have pelamin, i dont need a stage so i think padang okay kot... i know a perfect padang!! but sadly i do not have pictures of them... will propose this to future MIL sat g...

so verangan mode: ON

Tapikan... decor like this suits wedding malam2 kan? sat g i let future MIL knows... wish me luck uols... for my gigi and proposal!!!

p/s: takutnya nak jumpa dentist!!!

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6 Responses to Takut ke nervous?

  1. jazzeyra says:

    hye zara.. why not choose padang, its open and just cost tent and equipt.. :)

    btw, bleh x send me recipe red velvet tu kt my mail.. :) tq

  2. la la laaaa <--- verangan mode on jugak.. :D

  3. Moose says:

    taman rimba kiara in ttdi! my friend is going to have her wed reception there in december. die buat siang. one of the blogger jackie hussein pun buat situ jugak, reception siang. i think either way it's gonna be lovely and cantik.

  4. harzharun says:

    padang is a nice idea...deco pun boleh buat lain sket...i wish u all the best!

  5. babe, cepat2 jumpa dentist yer sbb sakit gg ni mmg teruk rasanya...

  6. ZARA says:


    sent ;)


    woot woot


    too late, his father already decide nak buat pulak kat rumah -_- penat aku berangan! eh penat ke? hikhik




    naseb future MIL dentist! dah jumpa :)