siapa nak kad?

the best thing about handmade wedding invites is that you will never run out of cards... =)

Postcard invites will be ready by this week, that's for reception on 2nd January(sunday) so, girls.... especially to those yang sanggup nak datang melaka, email me your address at please indicate which reception you want to attend. okay?

First reception

1st January 2011 (Saturday)
My house's garden (garden lah sangat, haha)

i really cant wait to see guests and their evening wear!

Second reception

Date: 2nd January 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm-5pm
Venue: My house lor
Suka hati nak pakai apa, mini skirt pon takpe ;)

i'm going for Brazilian wax at empire and register gifts at Parkson this week. owh and help ikmal with his diy invites. bz bz bz!

p/s: nangis for 2 days(sabtu and ahad) menyebabkan saya demam hari ni. uhuk uhuk...

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16 Responses to siapa nak kad?

  1. i nak jugak kad :)
    melaka? insyallah takde hal ;p

  2. nizabeba says:

    zara sy mau kad =))
    apsal u nanges 2 ari?? jgn sedey2 k..

  3. mesti menarik ur wedding nie siap ada tema baju untuk guests.

  4. shada JD says:

    gila tak nak kad kawen TBB?
    demimu TBB aku sanggup turun Melaka.

    yg penting aura..aura..mana tau next monthnya aku plak kannnnnnnnn?

  5. shada JD says:

    btw TBB azara nur,
    cuba try apronbay kat bangsar for waxing or whateverlah..the place is cozy gile,price reasonable!
    apronbay tu dekat sebelah papparich, tingkat atas.

  6. babe, eventho u know that i cant attend ur w-day but yet i nak card boleh?

    congrats in advance for you & ikmal *hugs*

  7. ZARA says:

    ♥ balkidz_hunny ♥

    jangan lupa email address!


    nanges sbb kena paksa bersanding and berarak, among other things... hihihi... u jangan lupa email address k?

    ~ mizzAmy ~

    insya-Allah menarik.....

    shada JD,

    gile aku tak ajak kau kan TBB, nnti kau sms/email/FB address kau tau!

    ♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥

    *hugs* thanks lynda.... congrats in advance to u and fiancé too k? nnti u email address k?

  8. Mau juga.
    Alang2 nak ushar2 Melaka untuk reception nanti.

  9. sumpit says:

    awwwwww... how i wish i could attend your wedding, and balik malaysia, and buy a few more bottles of kicap kipas udang... huhuhuhu

  10. ZARA says:

    Norhayati Rostam

    Baiklah... remember email address yeah ;)


    alah............ bile je u ada kt m'sia? masa tu i anak 5 agaknya!

  11. nak nak!! insyaAllah i nk gi 2nd jan cos 1st jan is my bff's wed..nnt i'll pm u ma add ya!

  12. I have 3 weddings on the same date so I don't know I can make it to your wedding.

    However, let me give you an early wedding gift. I have one Anya Hindmarch rebates worth RM200 each that I didn't use and plan to give away. Saw from Tahirah's blog that you wanted her voucher but I guess a lot of other people are competing for it too. Now I am extending the offer to you, that is if you want them lah. Let me know k?
    Do email me if you are interested :).

  13. ZARA says:




    OMG, though i am not a handbag fan nor i am a AH fan but who am i to resist such offer. thank u so much!

  14. ZARA says:


    yeah yeah!!! of course... email me ur address yeah?