Ministry of Moment : Just Click contest

Wedding day is most important day in a woman's life. No bride wants to be ordinary on their wedding day hence the amount of money we spent on materialize our dream wedding. However what’s the point of having the perfect wedding without the perfect photographer to capture those moments?

I personally feel that my perfect wedding photographer must have excellent skill on catching good angles and candid shots. Every moment counts, when an opportunity passes you cannot get it back hence the importance of hiring the perfect wedding photographer.

I heart this picture to bits; moment like this is precious, not only entertaining. We may never know the story behind this picture but the bride and groom sure laugh their head off every time they look at this picture. I mean, who does that? Lifting his feet up, was he giving somebody his socks to smell? It’s just plain hilarious.

*I still can’t stop wondering what exactly the groom up to*

Anyway, to me the picture is just perfect. The candid expression on the bride and groom’s faces says it all! Kudos to ministry of moment for this great capture! Two thumbs and toes up! Haha

Ministry of Moment is famous for being the official photographer for the wedding of Umie Aida & Datuk Paduka Khairuddin, they even collaborated with CST production on building up a website on the wedding. The first time I met with one of the photographers is when I was meeting CST production somewhere in Ampang, however given that I was and still am in a very tight budget for my wedding I couldn’t afford to appoint them! So this is my chance to win a photography package from them!

Click here for more information on this contest. Click here to like their FB page and see more photos on their FB or Click here to know more about them

p/s: thanks to Ms roe233 and Ms Elya for reminding me about this contest!

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4 Responses to Ministry of Moment : Just Click contest

  1. hmmm... interesting... can get him for baby photography? :)

  2. ZARA says:


    yes i think so... you wanna join the contest? ends tomorrow if im not mistaken. who knows u win, cn get outdoor photography w hubby... capture the baby bump ;)

  3. Aya says:

    all the best 4 the contest :)

    nway, ade award 4 u.. plz claim it here - :D

  4. ZARA says:


    Thanks... u join? all the best to u too!! owh and thanks for the award ;)