Maldives for honeymoon

Well, my mom is back! and as usual, we the sisters will cramped up in her room and listen to her travel stories... OMG... she said it was beautiful... she went on a submarine tour, seaplane tour... IM SO JEALOUS!!!

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But it was expensive! USD 75 for each submarine and seaplane ride.

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This is the view of Maldives from the sky, mom said water makes up over 99% of the whole of Maldives... Airport is at an island and to go to the capital city needs to travel by boat. there were no S Class or huge luxury car as the road can only fit two kancil... haha! the road is so small!!

As for accommodation, mom said a local told her that there's this bungalow rent at USD 18k!!! and ada sorang mat salleh had been staying there for 9 month! Mom should've gone to that mat salleh and ask whether or not he's single! hahaha... for my sisters lah... im not available... hehehe

Mom stayed at their city, USD 164 per room per night... still expensive! cant imagine how much it will be for staying at those resorts eh? gile ar!!

Anyway, mom said every resort is an island, so if you want to open up a resort you'll get a whole island... hurm... must be damn expensive yeah the island? pheww...

Owh and one more thing, mom said that the population is 100% Muslim and if u murtad u kena buang negara... Wow!!! good one!!! But IDK betul ke tak, at least that's what i heard from mom and mom heard from a local... haha... Masjid is at every two blocks and bila tiba waktu solat, kedai wajib tutup and everyone will head on to nearest masjid and solat.

Teringat an entry by Sarah about matta fair, i think if RM4520 w/o air fare for two to Maldives is okay lah kot kan???

But im not into beaches lah... laut masin! i prefer lakes... tapi tu lah... those who loves beaches will love Maldives kot... kan??

Owh btw... a friend of mom yg ikut sekali kata Pulau Siapadan pon sama cantek ngan Maldives... So why waste money? hahaha... betul gak!

and turns out my mom bought few things from Maldives for the wedding, a runner to put hantarans and bedsheets... they were handmade by the locals that were victims of tsunami... so membeli sambil menderma...

p/s: my tooth still hurts and im hungry... Ikmal was right! duduk Melaka tak da orang jaga =(

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4 Responses to Maldives for honeymoon

  1. ayak... haruskah i pegi time perut besar.. ataupun hangkut baby sekali nanti? :)

  2. Azara nur, please check ur email! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    aaa bestnyaaa pegi maldives!

  4. ZARA says:

    Leonora Halim:

    dua2.... hahahhaha




    kan kan? jealous my mom dapat g!