Im ready baby! almost...

Today is the day people! im scared to death! we are not use to taking picture together and today we will be taking picture the whole afternoon. maybe up to whole day? IDK.

to tell you the truth, i almost back out... but come to think again, when will we get the chance to experience this wedding stuff if not we decided to go for it ;)

wish me all the luck in the world!!!

p/s: today will go HIV test as well... teringat samantha jones! hahaha

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8 Responses to Im ready baby! almost...

  1. nizabeba says:

    gud luck dear!! & dont forget to have fun!! =)

  2. thezaila says:

    wayy to go gurl.. all the best!! =)

  3. yeay...hav fun.! cant wait 2c d pics.. :)


  4. Babe, go and pose like there's no tomorrow ok! :D

  5. ElyaElmo says:

    yeayy!! waiting for the next update....heheeh

  6. Mr Lonely says:

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  7. ZARA says:

    thanks everyone!!!! that's y i love uols ;)