Im a lucky girl

Indeed I am.

I am blessed probably because I had great grandparents. And parents. That thought me a lot of things especially about good manners and such.

Particularly my mom who thought and showed me what high amount of patience can blossom in to.

I am privileged to have gone to Chinese school and have Chinese blood runs through my veins. Sans the mata sepet. But still some find it adorable. So I’m flattered. And lucky undeniably.

Turns out yesterday, i didn’t bake a single cupcake and didn’t get the chance to go Jalan Kenanga. Went to see future MIL with Ikmal, he sacrificed his busy chaotic needy office to bring me to the dentistry to see his mom. By the time I was there I can’t talk, so no wedding talk with future MIL. The amount of pain is unbearable for me to adhere, honestly I feel like banging the side of my face to the wall!

He was with me the whole time, pacifying me with soothing words to calm me down.

Turns out there are bacterial infection cause by my impacted wisdom tooth. I don’t think it was impacted actually because the tooth came out half way… but anyway I think it may be impacted as the tooth had been there since IDK when so tak kan tak kuar habis lagi after all these while.

I can’t concentrate on the explanation by my future MIL as I was in a huge amount of pain, hence the doubtful in accuracy of my explanation.

After that, Ikmal bring me to Old Town opposite UiTM for brunch, so I can eat those pills his mom gave. Then he dropped me to the workshop where dad’s merc was and then we said our goodbyes.

I reached home around noon, still in pain. Slept for hours, woke up by the sound of him playing with my cats. Decently dressed, I walk out of my room and dinner is served.

He then repeatedly ask me, “you sure nak balik Melaka? Siapa nak jaga u?”

Awwww… u r so sweet honey! You make me feel like a little girl! A lucky little girl!

I just feel like sharing as a little reminder of whom I will be spending the rest of my life with. A person who genuinely, wholeheartedly love me and care for me. My fiancé. My Ikmal.

p/s: jangan muntah darah ye kawan2… I’m not in the mood of wedding talks as the pain only away when I talk about him.

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5 Responses to Im a lucky girl

  1. huhuhu xmuntah pun dear..suka baca!!!
    owhh sakit gg adalah penyakit paling menyakitkan kat dunia ni tau...bukan gg je sakit, kepala pun sama sakit geraham kamu tumbuh but then xkuar habis kan, normally dentist akn cabut or buat minor surgery belah gum tu bagi gg tgk pd keadaan la....but semuanya ok..xsakit pun sbb kesakitan gg tu lagi dasyat!

  2. kay kamal says:

    i kinda had that too.. which is why i went for an operation to remove it. u shud too! and yup.. ikmal sweet~ aww

  3. he is such a darling azara nur! :)

  4. ZARA says:


    indeed he is! totally in love! said...


    alah... muntah je.... hahahha... tak operate lg ni.... tapi so far ok lagi ar...

    kay kamal:

    yup i shud. but when? malas nya!


    i love it when ppl call my full name ;) hihihihi