awkward is my middle name

did i ever mention that i'm awkward? i really am. especially with persons i am not familiar. u can tell that i'm being awkward when i giggle like a bimbo and say weird awkward things...

so i present u... my awkwardness in almost all my pre-wedding photos... i did mention i was a nervous wreck before the shoot didn't i?

i actually left out two pictures as it was totally humiliating, one exposes my huge thigh and the other makes me look like a troll... seriously! i should have been more calm and in control but i didn't...

that's why i cant have merenjis2 tu... im awkward.

owh and u know what my mother said after looking these pictures? "what a waste azara nur, you should not behave like this on your wedding day ok?"

hurm... i'll try!

as for my OP, En Fadza... you perform beyond my expectation. Thank you so much ;) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ikmal did pretty good job i think overall... he was so calm and being all yengkot yengkau about the whole photo shoot. he was so in the character... huahahhaahha... i guess that's another reason why i couldn't stop giggling...

hehehehe... it's always easier to have someone to blame aye? huhu

till the next entry u people!!!!

p/s: how to cure awkwardness?

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11 Responses to awkward is my middle name

  1. thezaila says:

    total cuteness.. i heart the second photo.. at least gambar u nampak bersooka ria.. i x reti nk buat gambar yg gelak gumbira mcm ni.. sumpah akan jadi FAKE bila i buat..heheh ..

  2. u dah macam chinese dah. hehehe... btw, u look ok what? all the piccas are awesome.

  3. LisaLisut says:

    zara,tak nmpk sbrg awkward pun.mcm org happy dilamun cinta adelah.hehe. i rs kdg2 awkward tu yg buat kite act natural.clap clap! :)

  4. Moose says:

    i tak nampak ape yang awkward sebab i terus zassss to your shoes. OMG, they're pretty! where did you get those?

    hehe. me being the shoe-gal that i am.

    ok back to the pics, it doesn't register awkward at all. in fact, you two look pretty much in love with all the smiling and laugh like that.

  5. perfect!!! natural!!! u did well zara...pic speaks thousand words.... =)

  6. You didn't look awkward at all dear. In fact, I think you looked happy! :)

    I was awkward too last time. My photographer had to calm me down which was amusing. Hahaha.

    But I tried not to look at the camera. Else I'd be too conscious (did I get the spelling right?).

  7. You two look so sweet together.. :)

    You look like an amoi lah! Very nice complexion..

  8. masmOna says:

    comel je azara nur nih! so natural lah dear =)

  9. nizabeba says:

    so sweet!! x nmpk awkward la turned out superb!! =)

  10. ZARA says:


    thanks Zaila di atas kata2 yang memberasangkan (betul ke eja?)

    ~ mizzAmy ~

    thanks a bunch!!!


    hihihihihihi.... thank u!!!!!


    hehehehe... thanks! they are one of my fav! bought from an online shop je d'ee Bellissimo

    i am obsessed with shoes! can never have enough of them!


    Thanks so much!!!!

    The Spasmodic Scribbler:

    geeee... thanks!!! i pon try not to look at the camera. if not i senyum pon senget, hahahha

    Suzie Sueweeets:

    huhuhuhuu.... thanks!!!!


    sume suka panggil i comel!!! panggil lah i gorgeous!!! hahahha... neway, thanks!!!


    thank you!!!!!

  11. hi zara..

    firstly congrats yerk for becoming wifey..i silent reader..:)..just nak tanya u buat outdoor ni dkt mana yerk...i tgh carik idea jugak nak but pre wed n still takder idea lg..i nak buat kat sentul park but they said that need to paid rm500 for it nie dkt menara bata?...sorry if salah teka...hehehe..anyway, take care...

    thanks in advance

    b2b farra