=) hihihi talk about destiny huh...

Next week is our pre wedd photo shoot... Since i was being sick last week, i sat at home doing nothing but watching Dragon ball Z (DBZ) back to back... So im a bit DBZ freak these few days... Ikmal and I were even considering to find Goku's costume... huahahaha...

But well... gila kau! the easiest costume *i think* would be Chun Li and Ryu from Street Fighter... how about that? but then again... i would look ridiculous with that two buns on my head...

So... we are torn... at least i am...

i was thinking of wearing cheongsam

Ikmal already has something like the blue outfit in pearl white so im thinking of going to jonker to find something to match... hurm... but then again cheongsam tends to make my boobs look bigger... aiyo!

im doom!

if i can find a decent cheongsam that flatters me then i'll proceed with this plan... if not... die!

p/s: a+i 爱, love =)

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10 Responses to a+i=爱(Ài)

  1. LisaLisut says:

    wow.Zara tgk Dragon Ball.Cool gile.jarang ade perempuan still layan dragon ball.hehe

  2. cheongsam? that's a gud idea.. i bet it's gonna be cool n unique..! ;)

  3. nice lah dear. happy hunting for the cheongsam!! ;)

  4. dear kalau u pakai mcm tu, sure mcm awek chinese..=) so sweet kan!!! xsabo nk tunggu pic pre wed kamu =)

  5. ElyaElmo says:

    ooosh nice!!! cantikkkkkk la amoiiii nnt :D

  6. Wow, rarenya! Can't wait to see your prewed photos.. Mesti cun melecun.

  7. plan well n u'll get the better result. cant wait to c ur pix. make sure get enough sleep n drink a lot of water on the day itself. serious, exhausted nanti coz penat! good luck!

  8. nizabeba says:

    cool la babe!! can't wait!!hehe

  9. chenta says:

    hahaa..please wear cheongsam!!! jangan lupa props mangkuk tingkat nyonya.kat jonker banyak babe! :D

  10. ZARA says:


    DB kelakar. lawak gile! mmg kena tgk!!! baik lelaki or perempuan! hihihi

    Renee Meow:

    tak berapa nak unique lah sbb i bet ramai dah buat. doing it sbb dah buntu! hahaha

    ~ mizzAmy ~:

    Thanks ;)


    tak boleh nak lari mana. mata sepet!


    thanks ;) hahahhaa

    Suzie Sueweeets:

    Tak rare lah... huahahhahaa... cuma tak ramai melayu buat kot.... tapi chinese couple selalu i think. hihihii

    Reen Tart Nenas:

    Thanks dear!




    hehehehehe... idak lah bermangkuk tingkat bagai.... hihihi... simple je....