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That bubbly feeling

honestly, this may sound vain but i love my wedding postcards. it looks better than what i imagined or hoped for. Thanks to my talented sishter and Faz!!! Owh cakap pasal Faz, dont forget to catch him every Sunday 6.30pm on Astro Ria ;)

on to next boring wedding stuff is another trip to Jakarta and Bandung -_-" mom and angah insisted that i go for fitting and such, hurm. so Friday say hello to Jakarta and Bandung.

Ikmal is going too so at least that's something new! will it be like pre-honeymoon??? huahhhaha *dush*

Anyway, last week we attended one of Ikmal close friend's wedding... so we get to pass my "Starbuck" invitation card... and to my relieve they love it! phhewwww... They already discussing on spending new year in Melaka so Alhamdullillah... i can cross them off my things-to-worry list.

It is important to me that they attend as I spend more time with them than my own friends so i want them on my wedding day.

For Aie and Lynn,

Selamat Pengantin Baru, may you live happily ever after blessed with health, abundance and joy...


Okay, back to my wedding... Ikmal requested that I perform a song with his band. ughh... can i don't want to remember the last time i sang??? its mortifying! uwaaaa....

should i?

Can i sing something non-romantic, non-wedding related songs like Bob NOFX??? at least i don't sound cheesy... haha or Hot dog in hallway NOFX sounded more me? huahhahaha

okay enuff of my blather.


p/s: can i not sing??????????????

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Ministry of Moment : Just Click contest

Wedding day is most important day in a woman's life. No bride wants to be ordinary on their wedding day hence the amount of money we spent on materialize our dream wedding. However what’s the point of having the perfect wedding without the perfect photographer to capture those moments?

I personally feel that my perfect wedding photographer must have excellent skill on catching good angles and candid shots. Every moment counts, when an opportunity passes you cannot get it back hence the importance of hiring the perfect wedding photographer.

I heart this picture to bits; moment like this is precious, not only entertaining. We may never know the story behind this picture but the bride and groom sure laugh their head off every time they look at this picture. I mean, who does that? Lifting his feet up, was he giving somebody his socks to smell? It’s just plain hilarious.

*I still can’t stop wondering what exactly the groom up to*

Anyway, to me the picture is just perfect. The candid expression on the bride and groom’s faces says it all! Kudos to ministry of moment for this great capture! Two thumbs and toes up! Haha

Ministry of Moment is famous for being the official photographer for the wedding of Umie Aida & Datuk Paduka Khairuddin, they even collaborated with CST production on building up a website on the wedding. The first time I met with one of the photographers is when I was meeting CST production somewhere in Ampang, however given that I was and still am in a very tight budget for my wedding I couldn’t afford to appoint them! So this is my chance to win a photography package from them!

Click here for more information on this contest. Click here to like their FB page and see more photos on their FB or Click here to know more about them

p/s: thanks to Ms roe233 and Ms Elya for reminding me about this contest!

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siapa nak kad?

the best thing about handmade wedding invites is that you will never run out of cards... =)

Postcard invites will be ready by this week, that's for reception on 2nd January(sunday) so, girls.... especially to those yang sanggup nak datang melaka, email me your address at please indicate which reception you want to attend. okay?

First reception

1st January 2011 (Saturday)
My house's garden (garden lah sangat, haha)

i really cant wait to see guests and their evening wear!

Second reception

Date: 2nd January 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm-5pm
Venue: My house lor
Suka hati nak pakai apa, mini skirt pon takpe ;)

i'm going for Brazilian wax at empire and register gifts at Parkson this week. owh and help ikmal with his diy invites. bz bz bz!

p/s: nangis for 2 days(sabtu and ahad) menyebabkan saya demam hari ni. uhuk uhuk...

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Our true love story {CST PRODUCTION}

"I know that love is unconditional. But I also know that it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable and strangely easy to mistake for loathing, and... What I'm trying to say, Tristan is... I think I love you. Is this love, Tristan? I never imagined I'd know it for myself. My heart... It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it's trying to escape because it doesn't belong to me anymore. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I'd wish for nothing in exchange - no gifts. No goods. No demonstrations of devotion. Nothing but knowing you loved me too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine." -Yvaine (Stardust, 2007)

I began my story with a quote. My favourite quote about love from a movie. Our favourite quote about love.

It’s all started with two broken hearts and a social network. Since we both try to heal our broken hearts, we spend most of our time socializing the way we know best at the time. MySpace.

I do not know he's the one nor did I know whether or not he's real. All I know is that I have to give him a chance, to also give me a chance. To feel alive again.

We met for the first time after chatting online for about a month on 31st December 2006 around 10.30pm at PETRONAS USJ14. My mom tagged along to ensure that I was not meeting up with a psycho killer or something. She made him promise to send me back before midnight.

We went for supper at Asia Café. He’s so gracious, delightful and a gentleman I might add. All the qualities you want of a man on your first date.

I know I have fallen in love with him when we wish each other happy new year that night. In his car, with the reverberation of fireworks through the apartments, I accidentally said that I like him. His eyes. His gaze. It’s unbearable.

Since I met him, I put on 20 kilos. This I think the most devastating state of our relationship as I’m not use to being fat. I always moody and frustrated every time I try to put on clothes I can’t fit. However, the sorrow washed away every time I ask him whether or not I’m fat as he always says, "No. You are the same person I saw three years ago." he ends his saying with a big consoling smile. I am a happy 135pounds woman. I blame him!

We are getting married now, and with all the quarrel and argument about this and that we are even closer together. A relationship can either draw you apart or bring you closer but all relationships will go through confrontation, and the best way to win is honesty. We both know of each other’s past, no secret. Not only we know about each other’s past we also know each other’s likes and dislikes, and that involves a whole lot more of confrontation. Each confrontation makes us even stronger together.

So, it’s a bless that we squabble a lot.

no complain there.

In my life, I do not wish for fame or wealth. I only wanted his heart forever, in exchange for mine...

For more info on this contest or great wedding videos click here

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awkward is my middle name

did i ever mention that i'm awkward? i really am. especially with persons i am not familiar. u can tell that i'm being awkward when i giggle like a bimbo and say weird awkward things...

so i present u... my awkwardness in almost all my pre-wedding photos... i did mention i was a nervous wreck before the shoot didn't i?

i actually left out two pictures as it was totally humiliating, one exposes my huge thigh and the other makes me look like a troll... seriously! i should have been more calm and in control but i didn't...

that's why i cant have merenjis2 tu... im awkward.

owh and u know what my mother said after looking these pictures? "what a waste azara nur, you should not behave like this on your wedding day ok?"

hurm... i'll try!

as for my OP, En Fadza... you perform beyond my expectation. Thank you so much ;) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ikmal did pretty good job i think overall... he was so calm and being all yengkot yengkau about the whole photo shoot. he was so in the character... huahahhaahha... i guess that's another reason why i couldn't stop giggling...

hehehehe... it's always easier to have someone to blame aye? huhu

till the next entry u people!!!!

p/s: how to cure awkwardness?

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Im ready baby! almost...

Today is the day people! im scared to death! we are not use to taking picture together and today we will be taking picture the whole afternoon. maybe up to whole day? IDK.

to tell you the truth, i almost back out... but come to think again, when will we get the chance to experience this wedding stuff if not we decided to go for it ;)

wish me all the luck in the world!!!

p/s: today will go HIV test as well... teringat samantha jones! hahaha

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=) hihihi talk about destiny huh...

Next week is our pre wedd photo shoot... Since i was being sick last week, i sat at home doing nothing but watching Dragon ball Z (DBZ) back to back... So im a bit DBZ freak these few days... Ikmal and I were even considering to find Goku's costume... huahahaha...

But well... gila kau! the easiest costume *i think* would be Chun Li and Ryu from Street Fighter... how about that? but then again... i would look ridiculous with that two buns on my head...

So... we are torn... at least i am...

i was thinking of wearing cheongsam

Ikmal already has something like the blue outfit in pearl white so im thinking of going to jonker to find something to match... hurm... but then again cheongsam tends to make my boobs look bigger... aiyo!

im doom!

if i can find a decent cheongsam that flatters me then i'll proceed with this plan... if not... die!

p/s: a+i 爱, love =)

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I was not well, after the terrible toothache come the terrible flu! Never ending fighting over fever... haish... so anyway, guess what? Banyak bende tak settle!!! Yeayyy!!!


Salah... not yeayyy.... its boooooooooooooo...

Anyway, I still have runny nose but ikmal said it's part of the healing process... so its good news!!!

I met my designer yesterday at Jalan TAR to buy materials to compliment my dress... it was a quick one as my beloved fiancé was not well *berjangkit* so had to go clinic.

Mom and dad both freaking out now as we have less than 2 month and my sisters and I are in KL. So we are going back Melaka today...

So girls... that's all for now...

Here’s a relative's wedding i attend last week... love everything about the wedding... coincidently quite about the same like what we all imagine my wedding will be like...

this is just a preview ;) cant wait for Yus & Salwa's photos from Daniel Zain! Salwa's dress is to die for!!!

p/s: an update... at last!!!

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Maldives for honeymoon

Well, my mom is back! and as usual, we the sisters will cramped up in her room and listen to her travel stories... OMG... she said it was beautiful... she went on a submarine tour, seaplane tour... IM SO JEALOUS!!!

Pictures credit:

But it was expensive! USD 75 for each submarine and seaplane ride.

Pictures Credit:

This is the view of Maldives from the sky, mom said water makes up over 99% of the whole of Maldives... Airport is at an island and to go to the capital city needs to travel by boat. there were no S Class or huge luxury car as the road can only fit two kancil... haha! the road is so small!!

As for accommodation, mom said a local told her that there's this bungalow rent at USD 18k!!! and ada sorang mat salleh had been staying there for 9 month! Mom should've gone to that mat salleh and ask whether or not he's single! hahaha... for my sisters lah... im not available... hehehe

Mom stayed at their city, USD 164 per room per night... still expensive! cant imagine how much it will be for staying at those resorts eh? gile ar!!

Anyway, mom said every resort is an island, so if you want to open up a resort you'll get a whole island... hurm... must be damn expensive yeah the island? pheww...

Owh and one more thing, mom said that the population is 100% Muslim and if u murtad u kena buang negara... Wow!!! good one!!! But IDK betul ke tak, at least that's what i heard from mom and mom heard from a local... haha... Masjid is at every two blocks and bila tiba waktu solat, kedai wajib tutup and everyone will head on to nearest masjid and solat.

Teringat an entry by Sarah about matta fair, i think if RM4520 w/o air fare for two to Maldives is okay lah kot kan???

But im not into beaches lah... laut masin! i prefer lakes... tapi tu lah... those who loves beaches will love Maldives kot... kan??

Owh btw... a friend of mom yg ikut sekali kata Pulau Siapadan pon sama cantek ngan Maldives... So why waste money? hahaha... betul gak!

and turns out my mom bought few things from Maldives for the wedding, a runner to put hantarans and bedsheets... they were handmade by the locals that were victims of tsunami... so membeli sambil menderma...

p/s: my tooth still hurts and im hungry... Ikmal was right! duduk Melaka tak da orang jaga =(

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Im a lucky girl

Indeed I am.

I am blessed probably because I had great grandparents. And parents. That thought me a lot of things especially about good manners and such.

Particularly my mom who thought and showed me what high amount of patience can blossom in to.

I am privileged to have gone to Chinese school and have Chinese blood runs through my veins. Sans the mata sepet. But still some find it adorable. So I’m flattered. And lucky undeniably.

Turns out yesterday, i didn’t bake a single cupcake and didn’t get the chance to go Jalan Kenanga. Went to see future MIL with Ikmal, he sacrificed his busy chaotic needy office to bring me to the dentistry to see his mom. By the time I was there I can’t talk, so no wedding talk with future MIL. The amount of pain is unbearable for me to adhere, honestly I feel like banging the side of my face to the wall!

He was with me the whole time, pacifying me with soothing words to calm me down.

Turns out there are bacterial infection cause by my impacted wisdom tooth. I don’t think it was impacted actually because the tooth came out half way… but anyway I think it may be impacted as the tooth had been there since IDK when so tak kan tak kuar habis lagi after all these while.

I can’t concentrate on the explanation by my future MIL as I was in a huge amount of pain, hence the doubtful in accuracy of my explanation.

After that, Ikmal bring me to Old Town opposite UiTM for brunch, so I can eat those pills his mom gave. Then he dropped me to the workshop where dad’s merc was and then we said our goodbyes.

I reached home around noon, still in pain. Slept for hours, woke up by the sound of him playing with my cats. Decently dressed, I walk out of my room and dinner is served.

He then repeatedly ask me, “you sure nak balik Melaka? Siapa nak jaga u?”

Awwww… u r so sweet honey! You make me feel like a little girl! A lucky little girl!

I just feel like sharing as a little reminder of whom I will be spending the rest of my life with. A person who genuinely, wholeheartedly love me and care for me. My fiancé. My Ikmal.

p/s: jangan muntah darah ye kawan2… I’m not in the mood of wedding talks as the pain only away when I talk about him.

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Takut ke nervous?

Im going to jalan kenanga today. Insya-Allah. will bake another two batches of red velvet, need to pick up dad's car kat padang jawa. send cupcake to my academic writing advisor. then home to pack. Mama is coming back tomorrow around subuh. so will be driving dad's car to LCCT to pick her up and head straight to Melaka.

A bit nervous about driving dad's car, as last month my sis atiza scratch whole two doors and another sis amiza reverse her car without looking and BAM! kena kereta abah. So......... agak scary! since i spent most of my time here so i rarely get the chance to drive dad's car... S class pulak tu, lagi lah scary =P

But anyway, im now getting to ready to see my future MIL, gigi sakit!!! i didnt talk much yesterday because of them and slept early after taking two panadols. woke up this morning with a bigger pain!

Naseb ada future MIL!

Anyway, future parents in law still contemplating whether they should do the wedding kat dewan somewhere or kat rumah. They promise to make a decision before the week ends as fiance needs to print wedding invites. I wish i could be more helpful, i really have zero idea about dewans in shah alam or anywhere else for that matter.

im a kawen kat rumah type of girl. haha. but this is for his side, i think dewan is okay kot. but since we do not have pelamin, it would be kinda bare isnt it? then we will need to spent on the decor pulak! $$$$$

Naseb ada Chenta Weddings hehehe... last week i asked for a photobooth but may need to ask for other services as well nampaknya sekarang...

tapikan... i was thinking... how about buat kat padang? since i do not have pelamin, i dont need a stage so i think padang okay kot... i know a perfect padang!! but sadly i do not have pictures of them... will propose this to future MIL sat g...

so verangan mode: ON

Tapikan... decor like this suits wedding malam2 kan? sat g i let future MIL knows... wish me luck uols... for my gigi and proposal!!!

p/s: takutnya nak jumpa dentist!!!

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Xora and Zaila Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Well, i felt really bad for not going to both wedding yesterday. Ikmal's sis engagement was yesterday as well. So i need to be there for baking red velvet cupcakes for hantaran and guests. i intended to sneak out to zaila's wedding around 2pm but that's when all ikmal's Mak sedara and Pak sedara mai... So... had to stay. Plus, Ikmal's first batch of Tiramisu licin, i had to help make second batch. Actually it's for his sis-in-law and brother... they are ikmal's biggest Tiramisu fans... Haha

Owh and guest what? im considering to bake my own cake... gile tak?

My favourite? Of course the middle ;) sweet and simple... like me =p huahahaha

Owh i manage to buy a few things for hantaran last week. Friday was Parkson's Bonuslink Member's day, so we bought perfume set and got RM30 Parkson Cash Voucher, and we use the voucher for Ikmal's belt and wallet.

Picture credits:
Hush Puppies Obermain

Saturday pulak was Hush Puppies and Obermain warehouse sale; we bought a total of 4 pairs of shoes and one bag. Obermain for Ikmal's hantaran shoes and hush Puppies for mine, and a Hush Puppies bag for hantaran. Obermain casual shoes for Ikmal and a nude pink heels for me to wear masa nikah.

and according to Ikmal and I quote, "Azara Nur, im officially botak!"

well, that's what happen when you decided to change your four tyres to Michelin without consulting ;)

p/s: more things to update this week! excited!

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