The perfect wedding dress

I'm still working on my academic writing. i hope by now i have only another 10% to go. Today i wanted to elaborate on my 1st reception wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses.

So here it is:


Of cource it will not be exactly like this but the color will be. I've met my designer twice. My lil sis, Anisah likes her... Ikmal pon... so we decided to take her. Anyway, here's the 1st sketch from my designer

this is just a rough sketch, she made another sketch on our second meeting, which was more beautiful!! ikmal pon agree.... ;)

As for my beautiful bridesmaids, dresses had been bought... It will be exactly like picture below but they will either wear them with a black cardigan or shawls... but most of them agree on a black crop cardigan which i think i'll try finding them at Jalan Kenanga =)


Anisah my sister already try it on, and she said she looks like a princess... btw she's 18... IKR? sounded like 5-year-old kan? hahaha

So that's about it... i'll reveal the designer after my first fitting ;)

p/s: i seriously cant wait to finish up this s****d academic writing!!!

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9 Responses to The perfect wedding dress

  1. wah... tak sabar-sabar. i pun tgh carik designer for my wedding dress. baju akad nikah rasanya nak hantar kat my regular tailor je. she's also ala-ala designer jugak cuma tak dek nama je. even hantar baju kurung biasa pun dia siap sketch2 jugak.

  2. where did u bought u bridesmaids' dress?? lawa!

  3. eh takpe.. feelin feelin princess selalu.. eh takpeeee... ahahah

  4. dark purple!!! i like!!!

  5. cantik! cant wait to see you in yr wedding dress zara! :)

  6. waalllaa! says:

    good luck dear..for ur wedding day! wish all ur dream comes true! wish u the best wedding ever..

  7. ZARA says:

    ~ mizzAmy ~:

    yang tak da nama satu hari nnti ada lah nama kot kan?


    kat jakarta!!! apa ntah nama kedai dia tapi kat mall mangga dua

    si kecil:

    kan? i like!

    Leonora Halim said...

    princess syndrome is what i call myself

    farahfatihah: i tau u suka purple!!!

    Dita Lolita:

    indeed! thanks


    uit! i cant wait to see me in the dress... hahaha