My restless mind

Owh how i hate when this happen. I sometimes get this really ill feeling about nothing. that's the thing... idk what is it and it was really bothering me last night!

Im only anxious about my academic writing which i suppose to send today, but im almost finish now. I am confident that i can send it to my advisor on time today, so that's not it!

It all started when i was listening to Taking Back Sunday's album Live From Orensanz, i've always love Adam's voice... honestly it's kinda enkindling some sort of weird feeling... i seriously dont know what it is!!!

Let us just ignore my weird fantasy for awhile... =p

I was thinking of DIY my centerpieces... what do you think? Yes? No?


i wanted something different... i was thinking of ballons... u think? IDK, still havent decided... whatever cross my mind at the last minute, will be it! haha

my favourite!

this one looks a bit crowded. So, NO-NO!

hurm... any taker??? IDK... it's so-so actually... the first one still idaman kalbu =)

kan? kan?


p/s: is it possible that im having cold feet? i like talking about wedding but i just cant stop wondering if there would be a possibility of Adam Lazzara showing up in the future for me! Nah... that's not possible... just forget it =p

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4 Responses to My restless mind

  1. ha'ah, yg 1st tuh tantekkk....

  2. yup i agree..the 1st one u should do it heheh

  3. cik senah says:

    yg 1st mmg lawa.. :) i'm thinking of using ballons too in my wedding..! ahakss.. tamau fresh flowers..

    p/s; at least.. belon2 tue leh dijadikan sebagai gift utk kanak2.. mesti depa pakat syok bawak balik belon.. serupa baghu balik dari karnival jom heboh lagaknyaa.. ( padahal baghu balik dari wedding.. hehe )

  4. ZARA says:

    ~ mizzAmy ~:

    mmg tu je harapan.



    cik senah:

    i pon tak mau fresh flowers.

    p/s: U R FUNNY!