My jealousy

Who wouldn't want the perfect wedding? The perfect ring, the perfect fiance, the perfect proposal. remember this book i told y'all about? I manage to steal some time to read 3 chapters; The proposal, keepsakes and the perfect dress. Well. I wept reading few of the stories, they all have one message in common: It's not about the wedding, it's the marriage, the relationships.

Anyway. I still have another two papers, one today and another one 14th Nov. Wish me LUCK! =) So, this is yet another auto publish entry. hehe.

So, about my jealousy...

this is a huge one!!! After came back from Jakarta, i have no mood to blog, but reading other people's blog is not a problem hehehe... i came across Ms Elle's blog i cant remember exactly how, but what attracted me to it was her wedding reception. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

I forgot to blog about it as assignment deadlines etc was suffocating me so i need to breath before i can ever blog about them.

Here are some of the images i took from her FB. Pictures first, elaboration later k?

Honestly, i do not at all jealous of that Naza girl's wedding. ok. maybe the shoe part i was bit jealous but that's it. When it comes to Louboutin siapa tak jealous??? =p anyway, i prefer Elle's simple wedding as compared to hers.

What i like the most about Elle's wedding is:

1. The dress (OMG!!!!! i love dresses in champagne!!!!!!)
2. The crane origami
3. The table arrangement
4. The tulips
5. The dancing

Despite my wedding will be almost like hers, i don't mind! For the first time in my life I don't mind being call a copycat! Well, tak berapa lah nak copycat as I've long decided on the all white theme, the champagne dress, the tulips and the dance.

Actually, it's all coincidence.

I wouldn't change a thing now or then =)

It actually make me realize that I have good taste and I've made the right choice! ;) *suka kau lah kalau nak kata aku perasan =p* hahaha

To ELLE, nice chatting with u. Hope you know by now that I adore ur wedding! hehehe
I realize, the more i read ur blog the more i'm sure of myself, i know i had made a lot of good decision. So, thank you!

and as for the rest of you, do know that I'm in love with myself ;) huahahahhahahahaha *evil laugh*

p/s: Siapa lagi nak puji kita kalau bukan diri kita? hehehehe

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12 Responses to My jealousy

  1. i dreamt of simple wedding too=) i didn't realized it until blogwalking too..i got mine.wish u got ur simple dream wedding too=) oh oh, i also not jealous of the naza's daughter tu;p hehe

  2. simple yet gojes....perfect wedding..

  3. ekekekk... i'm with you on the Naza'a girl wedding.. :) and i believe yours gonna be as perfect as u want it to be.. :)

  4. Cik Belle says:

    i do love elle's wedding too! the cranes especially! the card. alahai, banyak la, semuanya la! im sure urs pun for sure will turn out beautiful wedding jugak nanti! all the best zara!

  5. Hi Zara,
    I was blog hopping from one bride to be to another and found your blog.sure you u pye nnt pun mst beautiful.u memang organize orgnye.hihi. i'm a bride to be too but no time to blog about the preparation details and tak organize sgt I enjoy reading all bride to be blogs. hava a nice day.

    psst.i pun tak jealous langsung wedding anak Naza yang grand tp mcm pelik dan bg i tak best pun walaupun grand.Elle punye ni lg best kot walaupun i tak kenal dia.hihi.

  6. Zara, i love those chiavari chairs on elle's wedding!! sweet! i do agree with all B2B above yang wedding u will be perfect too.
    gud luck then! jgn lupa jemput i ;p

    eh, jumpa kat wedding Zaila ekk :)

  7. ElyaElmo says:

    teh bride was soooo pretty...nuff said....
    sukee rambut dieee :D

  8. sure urs turn to be sweet and beautiful. tak sabar plak nak tengok nanti. ;)

  9. elle says:

    Hi Zara..
    ermm.. *speechless*
    terharu. n teruja when i read this post..
    never thought u really gonna blog bout my wedding. Thanks.. *hugs*
    im glad i inspired u in some way.
    dont worry, u surely is not a copycat coz im pretty sure im not the 1st one did that kinda wedding too. its just a great coincidence 9and we have the same taste in stuff.

    ive been wanted to blog bout the details bout my preps to the wedding day (to share the ups and down an all the details towards the wedding day) but till today (after almost 3 months), i still couldnt bring my lazy ass (pardon my french) to write it (despite that i no longer working and just being the housewife).
    lets just hope one day i will find the 'strength' to write something useful for b2b out there.

    anyhow, i hope ur preparation went well and dont worry so much bout the details coz trust me, mind wasnt as perfect as in the pictures.

    lastly, u surely gonna be a stunning bride!
    all the best wishes!

  10. ZARA says:

    dyn : stunning!

    Queen4ADay: kan kan? tak best mana pon wedding depa *i still sounded jealous when i actually am not* haha Thanks ;)

    farahfatihah: indeed!!!

    Leonora: thanks Leo, u r so supportive!!!

    Cik Belle: thanks Cik Atia!!!

    Khalisa Ridzuan: hey, i pon tak berapa nak organize okay... Kay kamal is the most organize person i know hhihii

    ♥ balkidz_hunny ♥: pasti pasti ;)

    ElyaElmo: the bride itself pon mmg cantek kan!!!

    ~ mizzAmy ~ : hehehehe... thanks!

    elle: *hugs* i really cant wait for ur updates ;)

  11. azara nur. u make me berjangkit lah. sekarang pergi stalk elle lah plak. :)