I love You MOH and Bridesmaids!

Ok well, im still in Jakarta or maybe by now im in Bandung...

i had few arguments with my mom the other day. We have two receptions because we wanted a more comfortable receptions where guests are family and friends only.

so i already imagine maybe toga dress or anything knee-length for my bridesmaids...

suddenly poof! all that i wanted had to be thrown out of my head as my dad said some of our family are conservative and skirts tak kira knee-length, betis-length ke are not allowed.


bengang sungguh!

cannot be sleeveless some more !@#*_)^&$%^$^$%^$^%#$&^$@@!

Do you know how frustrated i am? and i thought it will be my day?

ok.... actually saje buat2 macam hangin kat sini. sekali sekala nak gak entry maki hamun =p

So, life goes on. it's not the end of the world...

so my beloved MOH and bridesmaids... here's my proposal

Quarter sleeves maxi

Kaftan sleeves Maxi

Or maybe kimono sleeves Maxi

or cap sleeve Maxi???

tapi kalau nak kasi selamat, so to avoid our conservative relatives mengumpat+mengata... amek ni... long sleeves maxi... ok gak!

Okay ladies... i hope by the time i got back from Indonesia, u girls are ready with a decision.

Two of my best friend, one as maid of honour:

and another one as one of the bridesmaids:

and the rest of my bridesmaids will be my sisters!!! all 5 sisters!!!

This is two of them

and the rest in yellow, white and black. Baju kurung bunga2 tu my beloved cousin and so is si kecil tu cousin gak!


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10 Responses to I love You MOH and Bridesmaids!

  1. sk says:

    cap seleeve maxi tu cantik!

  2. mysarah says:

    be sure yg bahagian leher tu kena kasi naik sikit. hehehe

  3. assalamualaikum zara,

    kaftan memang tengah in sekarang. bestnya ada ramai saudara perempuan. saya masih tak tau lagi siapa yang boleh jadi bridesmaid sebab cousin semua lelaki. hu2x
    masa wedding saya, bff semua pun dah kahwin. sedih~

  4. Uuuu.. I much prefer kaftan more than anything else, but cap sleeve is different! =D

  5. ElyaElmo says:

    best kan jakarta n bandung zaraa!!!!~ :D

  6. Anonymous says:

    zara, i emailed u. pls reply..urgent sih!

  7. bese la tu makcik2..dr diumpat2..baik cr jln selamat kan..=)
    sopan pn boleh nmpk gorjes kan zara!=)

  8. Arief Arf says:

    mesti best bershopping!

  9. hi Zara!!!! anticipated? hehhehe....

    just my 2 cents...
    immediate family + friends = OK!
    RELATIVES + friends = don't mix! period! end of story.. hahah...

    so... kalo u rajin.. wat reception kecik jus for frens.. mcm i wat.. ehhe... leh bersantai2 sket... i paham apa keadaan ur parents... they are not denying 'ur day'... but some relatives are just plain pain in the A**... apa2 pun.. sedara gak.. takleh nak wat ape uols... dats why i ada justification kukuh nape i ada separate event jus for frens... and honestly, i didn't spend a BOMB for it! *wink* need help? buzz me k.... :)

  10. ZARA says:

    sk: kan kan?

    mysarah: hehehe of kos

    cik syahira: waalaikummussalam, saudara u mean adik beradik kan? hehehe

    Suzie Sueweeets: tu lah... something different is always been my forte. hehehe

    ElyaElmo: Lagi best China lah kan??? hehehehe

    faratul: dah reply ;) kan?

    Mawar misswateva: sopan=gorjes boleh je

    Arief Arf: saya bukan typical perempuan yg suka shopping. statement berani mati.

    Leonora Halim: if only the decision is in my hand dear. there's nothing i can do more that to abide to my parents wants... =(