hush hush entry

I have no paper today but my academic writing dateline is this Friday. so until further notice, this is yet another auto publish entry *bosan betul dok ulang ayat yang sama eh?*

Anyway, mama is in Sri Lanka under the expenses of Malay Chamber of Commerce. I hope she can find something interesting for the wedding. We do not have anything particular in mind, but i think probably kain lah kot... IDK

Im making red velvet cup cakes for ikmal's sis and ami's sis this weekend. Ikmal's sis engagement is on Sunday, im suppose to be the photographer but i dont think i can do it as my camera is not well. so will have to pass the job to ikmal's lil brother.

im suppoese to update about something but i forgot what is it...

owh yeah...

Dad decided to not give anything to our guests. no door gift. Haji Bakhil? huahahaha lantak lah! I don't mind at all, u know me... i never care what people think about me...

lagi pon, remember this entry? I am indeed bride on a budget ;)

So... yengkot yengkau lah bak kata ikmal.


one more thing... my first reception invitation card will be DIY by yours truly =) huahahaha despite making fun by my sister, i'm determine to do it still =P

it will turn out something like this


the amount would be around 200/300. I'll try my best ;)

p/s: actually, there will be 2011 pocket calendar distributed to the guest. Ssshhhhh... abah tak tau!

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5 Responses to hush hush entry

  1. dyn says:

    rajinnya zara DIY invi.card...nant jgn lupa wat tutorialnya skali eh...

  2. serious gigih okeyh sebab jenis tuh ada poket2 kan? nanti dah siap semuanya buat entri ekh camne nak buat tang poket tuh. hehehe...

  3. sk says:

    ur wedding 1st jan kan? bg pocket calendar mmg sgt sesuai n sgt useful. nak satuuu! :p

  4. kay kamal says:

    start now babe! i nk tgk!

  5. ZARA says:

    dyn: no problemo!!!

    ~ mizzAmy ~ : baiklah!!!! mmg gigih ni!!!

    sk: kan? tapi kerani my mom yang juga merangkap orang kampung i kata, orang kampung kami tak suka favors gini, diorang suka telur. wtf kan? hish!

    kay kamal: i start later pon u still will get one =p