Handsome Groomsmen

I think I'm in Jakarta now. haha. I think.

I'll be back on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, i wanted to share some ideas on our bestman and groomsmen outfits that we are okay with. I said we because it will be his friends wearing, so i will need his approval on what he thinks his friends will be okay with. make sense? idk.. please ignore if u cant understand me! haha

Ikmal had listed out his Bestman and Groomsmen. BUT he is yet to let them know. So, I'm nervous. What will they think of this? Owh GOD! Im like a nervous wreck these days.

Anyway, here they are... suggestions by us for the bestman and groomsmen:


or sweater vest

or maybe something like this

or perhaps something more casual and less expensive... hehehe... we are bride and groom on a budget kan? woot woot...

We are still open for other option. but definitely not baju melayu! reason being Ikmal will be wearing suit and my bridesmaids will be wearing maxi dress. Gile pelik tetiba hang pakai baju melayu!

I really hope our groomsmen will be cooperative. Amin.

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6 Responses to Handsome Groomsmen

  1. eika says:

    babe i love the first pic! go for vest ^_^ hehehe nampak classy~ hihi from my opinion la~ smart2~ hehe

  2. Hi there, stumble across ure blog and got to love your blog layout.. very nice blog u have =)

    Hope u have a lovely time in Jakarta..

  3. assalamualaikum zara.

    have fun darl! ha3x.
    utk edisi budget Go kemeja like the last pic. nice lah. siap ada bunga sekuntum. gorgeous~

  4. Segak sangat if all the groomsmen pakai cam sweater vest tu! But I guess tak sesuai je for our climate kat Malaysia ni. Huhu~

    I agree with Eika - First pic sangat classy. I loike. If you wanna budget, buy those clothes kat bundle la. But you have to be very selective. Kalau pandai, mesti dapat yang okay.

    Good luck! ;)

  5. heyya..im a silent reader n B2B blogger too.. i linked ur page, hope u dont mind.. :)

    btw,love d ones wif d vest..nmpak smart :)

    Renee Meow

  6. ZARA says:

    uols, thanks for the comment! we are going to jakarta again 4th dec nak beli kemeja utk groomsmen ni... hihihi