Final and Finaly

People... we are still in auto-publish mode eh? hehe

I have a FINAL paper on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th so I’m still taking a breather from blogging but afraid not, I try to not disappear for too long.

Well, as promised… FINALLY… here is the Jakarta entry with no pictures… please put on your imagining cap on ladies and gents and let they work their way to your mind's eye…

Day One
We arrive at about 9am or so, went straight to hotel. It was very near to Blok M, in fact, it was in walking distance. Don’t ask me which hotel as the condition of the hotel sucks big time. Hamek kau nak murah punya pasal. Anyway, move along people… nothing to see here…

We then go to Mayestik, but Mayestik is kinda under construction cause the old building is torn down and most tailor is moved to a temporary stretch of shops very near to a chicken slaughterhouse. I think it was it. IDK. But it smells bad. Honest!
If you are looking for classy, rare material please skip Bandung! I know Bandung is cheap and even some shops in Bandung said they supply materials to Mayestik but the thing is most of the things that are pretty I saw was in Mayestik.

Trust me if you are as choosy as me!

Here is the list of vendors we bought from
1. Mac Mohan Textile and Tailor
2. Fancy

Eh, that’s it? I think so. Tak larat weh nak jalan! I’m not kaki shopping like I use to be. I prefer to stay at one shop and borong so you can vigorously ask for more discount.

We bought the most from Mac Mohan, the first shop we spend time on as my mom and her best friend, aunty Ritta’s eyes were locked on a pink satin or whatever. That’s when they decided to change the nikah theme from red to pink. Honestly masa tu cam rasa nak jerit! The pink is really not trashy or anything but I have long forgotten about my old self which was miss wittypinky. That was so high school man!!! Me, pink? Uwaaaa… tapi, what the heck… bukan aku pakai pong. So I gather myself then and there and said yes. Positive thinking is always better than 'negative' thinking, kan Mama?

Anyway, among the things we bought are materials for nikah outfit for me and ikmal, nikah outfit for our family, a few bertandang outfits (I am lack of baju kurung), pengapit lelaki nikah outfit, aunty Ritta’s and Iris’s outfit for nikah and a few other things (non-wedding)

We then move along to Fancy, as recommended by our tailor there, his name is Deden. Anyway, as I was there I saw a very very beautiful chiffon in champagne. It really matches a very very simple yet demure French lace in champagne as well. It will cost me about RM 210/m for the French lace and about RM34/m for the Italian silk chiffon (I think it was it, slightly expensive than normal silk chiffon, I think)
But sadly I didn’t buy them because number one, they have only 3 meters or so of the chiffon and number two I thought I can get both chiffon and French lace cheaper in Bandung.

Man how I was wrong! The story continues in the next entry eh? Panjang sangat weh!
When I was in Mayestik, Fancy is the only shop yang meriah, there were lots of people coming in and out of the shop as compare to other shops at Mayestik. It was pretty obvious actually. And Aunty Ritta kata maybe pelaris. Hurm… IDK… tapi their chiffon is to die for! Drop dead gorgeous!

We did bought few things from Fancy, which were three toned thingy for my mom and Aunty Ritta. My mom punya three toned material apa entah, not sure. But it was heavy and thick. As for aunty Ritta, I think chiffon kot. Sangat cantek!
Owh and guys… please pardon my lack of knowledge about all these fabrics and the price. My mother paid for most of them plus I can’t recall their price in RM nor IDR. Let me know via email if you need to know the price eh? *wink*

We did stroll down along the way to other shops but only bought one or two things not worth mentioning.

OK, we started out at Mayestik around 10am, had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant near Fancy at around 12pm, cheap and delicious! then headed to Senayan Mall, both old and new Senayan that was around 8.30pm.

We went there for dinner and shopping? I actually forgot what we bought there. Nothing maybe? Haha… But it was worth checking out! There was a diamond fair, if I’m not mistaken at the new Senayan. Sangat murah okay, too bad Ikmal didn’t tag along. I would’ve asked him to buy one or two or maybe three of those pretty little things. Hehe.

Deden promise to meet us back at the hotel around 11. 10.30 dia dah sampai. Punctual! That’s a good sign ;) He started out with my mom’s, aunty ritta’s measurement, design etc. then design for my brother’s and father’s baju melayu and sisters’ baju kurung, measurement ikut baju contoh, and last but not least yours truly.

I was sitting across of him, I said I wanted a simple baju kurung moden. he then looked at me expecting me to say more. Then I said, “Owh and easy on the beading, I don’t want too much.” But it seems that ‘too much’ is what I will get, as my mom and aunty Ritta said it’s not pengantin-like if it’s not too much. Hurm. Okay. Whatever. So, get ready to be surprise you people!!! Datin Azara Nur is coming to town this January!!!

Okay… that’s about it on the first day. Nothing much.

I wish I could be more helpful and give u guys more useful information but that’s all I can remember. Hahaha. Termakan banyak semut ke aku ni?

Owh. One more thing, i hate to see my blog scribbled with all my gibberish so i googled up Pasar Mayestik's photos. hehehe.

this is the old Pasar Mayestik that torn down

and this is the temporary shops for the traders

Till the next entry you people!!!

p/s: nothing much pon berjela-jela gak entry ni. Kuikui.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    love it!reading ur entry helps me to improve my english dear!

    owh i comeee!

  2. kay kamal says:

    mlampau setiap langkah u

    btw, g xora's/zaila's? tggu me~!!

  3. hai zara.
    best la every single details u explain here :)
    eh, btw, hari tue kenduri nawal takut2 nak tegur u, sebab takut u tak kenal I :)

    nanti jumpa di wedding zaila/xora ekk? :P

  4. hai zara.
    best la every single details u explain here :)
    eh, btw, hari tue kenduri nawal takut2 nak tegur u, sebab takut u tak kenal I :)

    nanti jumpa di wedding zaila/xora ekk? :P

  5. ZARA says:

    faratul: alamak dear, dont lah say like that. my grammar sucks big time! thanks though ;)

    kay kamal: hahahhahahaha... tak reti!

    ♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ : tu lah, semua orang pon gitu. malu2!!!

    missbutterfly : agak sakan lah!