The end of my hiatus. Maybe.

And... There are also few things that I wanted to announce here.


My wedding themes had been changed. No more red, no more pale blue.


I have few school work to settle and then im free.


I promise to get on my Jakarta-Bandung trip entry when I feel like it. Just know that I will. I promise didn’t I? hehehe

I am going through a lot recently since I came back from Jakarta and I’m trying to take one step at a time at everything. I do not accept change very well, and I’m trying to tolerate the changes. Confuse? Don’t mind me. Sorry. Bottom line, a lot of my wedding plan had been hijacked by you-know-who. Oh wait, you don’t know who is it, don’t you? Again, sorry. Just ignore my nonsensical jumble of words okay?

So here are the new themes:

Pictures Credit:
White corner deco hand bouquet Bridesmaids and bride cupcake Christian Loubotin Wedding Dresses Pelamin

Second reception theme changed as well. But it’s not radical, plus my mom still hasn’t decided on what family members should wear. So, it’s kinda in an undecided phase. Ikr? Undecided? Come on! We have about 2 month left!!! Anyway, at least I know what colour I’m going to wear ;) GOLD!

Owh... and this is us. gambar saja2 menggedik. boleh? Thanks to Faz yang dah famous haha

So people, till the next entry… Take Care!!!

p/s: I miss you guys!!!

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9 Responses to The end of my hiatus. Maybe.

  1. zara babe... i know u are stronger than you think u can be! :) breathe in, breathe out... make urself calm... do any decision afterwards.. with a clearer mood.. ehhe... all the best!


  2. ElyaElmo says:

    zaraa...first reception punye theme cantikk.....:)

  3. thezaila says:

    zara.. good luck on the wedding prep... by the way.. rambut kamu sungguh chanteksss..

  4. Cik Belle says:

    zara, i love ur nikah theme! cute. =)

  5. ur nikah theme same as mine. =)

  6. zara : nicee.. luv ur nikah schweeettt... :">


  7. chenta says:

    sila bertenang!!! yang penting selamat nikah dan HALAL! HAHAA..:p

  8. Anonymous says:

    zara..i'm waiting for jakarta entry dear!
    haha..mcm tak cukup lak on the fon aritu ekk..

    love pink!

  9. ZARA says:

    Leonora: thanks leo!!!

    ElyaElmo: thanks elya!

    Zaila: hik hik *malu2* thanks sayang!!!

    Cik Belle: thanks Cik Atia ;)

    ~ mizzAmy ~: sama? hehehehe...

    Renee Meow: sweet kan? tu yang tak mau tu! aduh!

    chenta: Halal itu penting ye!!!!

    faratul: hehehehhee.....