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My restless mind

Owh how i hate when this happen. I sometimes get this really ill feeling about nothing. that's the thing... idk what is it and it was really bothering me last night!

Im only anxious about my academic writing which i suppose to send today, but im almost finish now. I am confident that i can send it to my advisor on time today, so that's not it!

It all started when i was listening to Taking Back Sunday's album Live From Orensanz, i've always love Adam's voice... honestly it's kinda enkindling some sort of weird feeling... i seriously dont know what it is!!!

Let us just ignore my weird fantasy for awhile... =p

I was thinking of DIY my centerpieces... what do you think? Yes? No?


i wanted something different... i was thinking of ballons... u think? IDK, still havent decided... whatever cross my mind at the last minute, will be it! haha

my favourite!

this one looks a bit crowded. So, NO-NO!

hurm... any taker??? IDK... it's so-so actually... the first one still idaman kalbu =)

kan? kan?


p/s: is it possible that im having cold feet? i like talking about wedding but i just cant stop wondering if there would be a possibility of Adam Lazzara showing up in the future for me! Nah... that's not possible... just forget it =p

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The perfect wedding dress

I'm still working on my academic writing. i hope by now i have only another 10% to go. Today i wanted to elaborate on my 1st reception wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses.

So here it is:


Of cource it will not be exactly like this but the color will be. I've met my designer twice. My lil sis, Anisah likes her... Ikmal pon... so we decided to take her. Anyway, here's the 1st sketch from my designer

this is just a rough sketch, she made another sketch on our second meeting, which was more beautiful!! ikmal pon agree.... ;)

As for my beautiful bridesmaids, dresses had been bought... It will be exactly like picture below but they will either wear them with a black cardigan or shawls... but most of them agree on a black crop cardigan which i think i'll try finding them at Jalan Kenanga =)


Anisah my sister already try it on, and she said she looks like a princess... btw she's 18... IKR? sounded like 5-year-old kan? hahaha

So that's about it... i'll reveal the designer after my first fitting ;)

p/s: i seriously cant wait to finish up this s****d academic writing!!!

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hush hush entry

I have no paper today but my academic writing dateline is this Friday. so until further notice, this is yet another auto publish entry *bosan betul dok ulang ayat yang sama eh?*

Anyway, mama is in Sri Lanka under the expenses of Malay Chamber of Commerce. I hope she can find something interesting for the wedding. We do not have anything particular in mind, but i think probably kain lah kot... IDK

Im making red velvet cup cakes for ikmal's sis and ami's sis this weekend. Ikmal's sis engagement is on Sunday, im suppose to be the photographer but i dont think i can do it as my camera is not well. so will have to pass the job to ikmal's lil brother.

im suppoese to update about something but i forgot what is it...

owh yeah...

Dad decided to not give anything to our guests. no door gift. Haji Bakhil? huahahaha lantak lah! I don't mind at all, u know me... i never care what people think about me...

lagi pon, remember this entry? I am indeed bride on a budget ;)

So... yengkot yengkau lah bak kata ikmal.


one more thing... my first reception invitation card will be DIY by yours truly =) huahahaha despite making fun by my sister, i'm determine to do it still =P

it will turn out something like this


the amount would be around 200/300. I'll try my best ;)

p/s: actually, there will be 2011 pocket calendar distributed to the guest. Ssshhhhh... abah tak tau!

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My jealousy

Who wouldn't want the perfect wedding? The perfect ring, the perfect fiance, the perfect proposal. remember this book i told y'all about? I manage to steal some time to read 3 chapters; The proposal, keepsakes and the perfect dress. Well. I wept reading few of the stories, they all have one message in common: It's not about the wedding, it's the marriage, the relationships.

Anyway. I still have another two papers, one today and another one 14th Nov. Wish me LUCK! =) So, this is yet another auto publish entry. hehe.

So, about my jealousy...

this is a huge one!!! After came back from Jakarta, i have no mood to blog, but reading other people's blog is not a problem hehehe... i came across Ms Elle's blog i cant remember exactly how, but what attracted me to it was her wedding reception. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

I forgot to blog about it as assignment deadlines etc was suffocating me so i need to breath before i can ever blog about them.

Here are some of the images i took from her FB. Pictures first, elaboration later k?

Honestly, i do not at all jealous of that Naza girl's wedding. ok. maybe the shoe part i was bit jealous but that's it. When it comes to Louboutin siapa tak jealous??? =p anyway, i prefer Elle's simple wedding as compared to hers.

What i like the most about Elle's wedding is:

1. The dress (OMG!!!!! i love dresses in champagne!!!!!!)
2. The crane origami
3. The table arrangement
4. The tulips
5. The dancing

Despite my wedding will be almost like hers, i don't mind! For the first time in my life I don't mind being call a copycat! Well, tak berapa lah nak copycat as I've long decided on the all white theme, the champagne dress, the tulips and the dance.

Actually, it's all coincidence.

I wouldn't change a thing now or then =)

It actually make me realize that I have good taste and I've made the right choice! ;) *suka kau lah kalau nak kata aku perasan =p* hahaha

To ELLE, nice chatting with u. Hope you know by now that I adore ur wedding! hehehe
I realize, the more i read ur blog the more i'm sure of myself, i know i had made a lot of good decision. So, thank you!

and as for the rest of you, do know that I'm in love with myself ;) huahahahhahahahaha *evil laugh*

p/s: Siapa lagi nak puji kita kalau bukan diri kita? hehehehe

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Final and Finaly

People... we are still in auto-publish mode eh? hehe

I have a FINAL paper on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th so I’m still taking a breather from blogging but afraid not, I try to not disappear for too long.

Well, as promised… FINALLY… here is the Jakarta entry with no pictures… please put on your imagining cap on ladies and gents and let they work their way to your mind's eye…

Day One
We arrive at about 9am or so, went straight to hotel. It was very near to Blok M, in fact, it was in walking distance. Don’t ask me which hotel as the condition of the hotel sucks big time. Hamek kau nak murah punya pasal. Anyway, move along people… nothing to see here…

We then go to Mayestik, but Mayestik is kinda under construction cause the old building is torn down and most tailor is moved to a temporary stretch of shops very near to a chicken slaughterhouse. I think it was it. IDK. But it smells bad. Honest!
If you are looking for classy, rare material please skip Bandung! I know Bandung is cheap and even some shops in Bandung said they supply materials to Mayestik but the thing is most of the things that are pretty I saw was in Mayestik.

Trust me if you are as choosy as me!

Here is the list of vendors we bought from
1. Mac Mohan Textile and Tailor
2. Fancy

Eh, that’s it? I think so. Tak larat weh nak jalan! I’m not kaki shopping like I use to be. I prefer to stay at one shop and borong so you can vigorously ask for more discount.

We bought the most from Mac Mohan, the first shop we spend time on as my mom and her best friend, aunty Ritta’s eyes were locked on a pink satin or whatever. That’s when they decided to change the nikah theme from red to pink. Honestly masa tu cam rasa nak jerit! The pink is really not trashy or anything but I have long forgotten about my old self which was miss wittypinky. That was so high school man!!! Me, pink? Uwaaaa… tapi, what the heck… bukan aku pakai pong. So I gather myself then and there and said yes. Positive thinking is always better than 'negative' thinking, kan Mama?

Anyway, among the things we bought are materials for nikah outfit for me and ikmal, nikah outfit for our family, a few bertandang outfits (I am lack of baju kurung), pengapit lelaki nikah outfit, aunty Ritta’s and Iris’s outfit for nikah and a few other things (non-wedding)

We then move along to Fancy, as recommended by our tailor there, his name is Deden. Anyway, as I was there I saw a very very beautiful chiffon in champagne. It really matches a very very simple yet demure French lace in champagne as well. It will cost me about RM 210/m for the French lace and about RM34/m for the Italian silk chiffon (I think it was it, slightly expensive than normal silk chiffon, I think)
But sadly I didn’t buy them because number one, they have only 3 meters or so of the chiffon and number two I thought I can get both chiffon and French lace cheaper in Bandung.

Man how I was wrong! The story continues in the next entry eh? Panjang sangat weh!
When I was in Mayestik, Fancy is the only shop yang meriah, there were lots of people coming in and out of the shop as compare to other shops at Mayestik. It was pretty obvious actually. And Aunty Ritta kata maybe pelaris. Hurm… IDK… tapi their chiffon is to die for! Drop dead gorgeous!

We did bought few things from Fancy, which were three toned thingy for my mom and Aunty Ritta. My mom punya three toned material apa entah, not sure. But it was heavy and thick. As for aunty Ritta, I think chiffon kot. Sangat cantek!
Owh and guys… please pardon my lack of knowledge about all these fabrics and the price. My mother paid for most of them plus I can’t recall their price in RM nor IDR. Let me know via email if you need to know the price eh? *wink*

We did stroll down along the way to other shops but only bought one or two things not worth mentioning.

OK, we started out at Mayestik around 10am, had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant near Fancy at around 12pm, cheap and delicious! then headed to Senayan Mall, both old and new Senayan that was around 8.30pm.

We went there for dinner and shopping? I actually forgot what we bought there. Nothing maybe? Haha… But it was worth checking out! There was a diamond fair, if I’m not mistaken at the new Senayan. Sangat murah okay, too bad Ikmal didn’t tag along. I would’ve asked him to buy one or two or maybe three of those pretty little things. Hehe.

Deden promise to meet us back at the hotel around 11. 10.30 dia dah sampai. Punctual! That’s a good sign ;) He started out with my mom’s, aunty ritta’s measurement, design etc. then design for my brother’s and father’s baju melayu and sisters’ baju kurung, measurement ikut baju contoh, and last but not least yours truly.

I was sitting across of him, I said I wanted a simple baju kurung moden. he then looked at me expecting me to say more. Then I said, “Owh and easy on the beading, I don’t want too much.” But it seems that ‘too much’ is what I will get, as my mom and aunty Ritta said it’s not pengantin-like if it’s not too much. Hurm. Okay. Whatever. So, get ready to be surprise you people!!! Datin Azara Nur is coming to town this January!!!

Okay… that’s about it on the first day. Nothing much.

I wish I could be more helpful and give u guys more useful information but that’s all I can remember. Hahaha. Termakan banyak semut ke aku ni?

Owh. One more thing, i hate to see my blog scribbled with all my gibberish so i googled up Pasar Mayestik's photos. hehehe.

this is the old Pasar Mayestik that torn down

and this is the temporary shops for the traders

Till the next entry you people!!!

p/s: nothing much pon berjela-jela gak entry ni. Kuikui.

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My only wish

Now you know... it's not a secret actually but im just thinking out loud here.

For my first reception, this is what i want... literally...

p/s: do know that is an auto-publish entry. wink.

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The end of my hiatus. Maybe.

And... There are also few things that I wanted to announce here.


My wedding themes had been changed. No more red, no more pale blue.


I have few school work to settle and then im free.


I promise to get on my Jakarta-Bandung trip entry when I feel like it. Just know that I will. I promise didn’t I? hehehe

I am going through a lot recently since I came back from Jakarta and I’m trying to take one step at a time at everything. I do not accept change very well, and I’m trying to tolerate the changes. Confuse? Don’t mind me. Sorry. Bottom line, a lot of my wedding plan had been hijacked by you-know-who. Oh wait, you don’t know who is it, don’t you? Again, sorry. Just ignore my nonsensical jumble of words okay?

So here are the new themes:

Pictures Credit:
White corner deco hand bouquet Bridesmaids and bride cupcake Christian Loubotin Wedding Dresses Pelamin

Second reception theme changed as well. But it’s not radical, plus my mom still hasn’t decided on what family members should wear. So, it’s kinda in an undecided phase. Ikr? Undecided? Come on! We have about 2 month left!!! Anyway, at least I know what colour I’m going to wear ;) GOLD!

Owh... and this is us. gambar saja2 menggedik. boleh? Thanks to Faz yang dah famous haha

So people, till the next entry… Take Care!!!

p/s: I miss you guys!!!

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I love You MOH and Bridesmaids!

Ok well, im still in Jakarta or maybe by now im in Bandung...

i had few arguments with my mom the other day. We have two receptions because we wanted a more comfortable receptions where guests are family and friends only.

so i already imagine maybe toga dress or anything knee-length for my bridesmaids...

suddenly poof! all that i wanted had to be thrown out of my head as my dad said some of our family are conservative and skirts tak kira knee-length, betis-length ke are not allowed.


bengang sungguh!

cannot be sleeveless some more !@#*_)^&$%^$^$%^$^%#$&^$@@!

Do you know how frustrated i am? and i thought it will be my day?

ok.... actually saje buat2 macam hangin kat sini. sekali sekala nak gak entry maki hamun =p

So, life goes on. it's not the end of the world...

so my beloved MOH and bridesmaids... here's my proposal

Quarter sleeves maxi

Kaftan sleeves Maxi

Or maybe kimono sleeves Maxi

or cap sleeve Maxi???

tapi kalau nak kasi selamat, so to avoid our conservative relatives mengumpat+mengata... amek ni... long sleeves maxi... ok gak!

Okay ladies... i hope by the time i got back from Indonesia, u girls are ready with a decision.

Two of my best friend, one as maid of honour:

and another one as one of the bridesmaids:

and the rest of my bridesmaids will be my sisters!!! all 5 sisters!!!

This is two of them

and the rest in yellow, white and black. Baju kurung bunga2 tu my beloved cousin and so is si kecil tu cousin gak!


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Handsome Groomsmen

I think I'm in Jakarta now. haha. I think.

I'll be back on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, i wanted to share some ideas on our bestman and groomsmen outfits that we are okay with. I said we because it will be his friends wearing, so i will need his approval on what he thinks his friends will be okay with. make sense? idk.. please ignore if u cant understand me! haha

Ikmal had listed out his Bestman and Groomsmen. BUT he is yet to let them know. So, I'm nervous. What will they think of this? Owh GOD! Im like a nervous wreck these days.

Anyway, here they are... suggestions by us for the bestman and groomsmen:


or sweater vest

or maybe something like this

or perhaps something more casual and less expensive... hehehe... we are bride and groom on a budget kan? woot woot...

We are still open for other option. but definitely not baju melayu! reason being Ikmal will be wearing suit and my bridesmaids will be wearing maxi dress. Gile pelik tetiba hang pakai baju melayu!

I really hope our groomsmen will be cooperative. Amin.

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