Nervous or 紧张

My wedding planner also my mom's best friend, my mom and I are going to Jakarta next week 1st Oct, my best friend is going to Sydney 2nd Oct. Phewww... nervous. I really hope I can settle my wedding favors, wedding invites, solemnization and second reception outfit, groom's outfit, bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suit etc

Why am i nervous? well... i have four outfit, two of them traditional and another two are not, i have three types of invites, i have lots of assignments due, i haven't decide on bridesmaids, i have to take fiancé’s measurement, i haven’t decide on my wedding invite, i haven’t decide on my pre wedding photos. GOD!

Hurm… I’ve met my designers, waiting for sketches, for 1st reception dress and bertandang will be made locally, as idk any Indonesian designer and even if I do I think it will cost about the same.

I can feel my heartbeat racing every time I think of everything related to my wedding. Honest. I guess it would be a total fun after my exams are over, I seriously can’t wait for November where I can put 100% concentration on wedding preparation.

Now every time I work on wedding preps I feel guilty about delaying my studying for finals and assignments, I have myself to blame though. Grrrrrr…

Hence the very little update on my wedding blog as well as personal blog. Huhu.
Anyway, while I have the time, im sharing a little bit about my postcard invitation, initially done in English but mom and sisters insisted in Malay as this postcard are to distribute to my neighbours…

Here it is…

I rather not share the front of the postcard cause it’s still a mess =p as for the wedding website i still havent set it up just yet, cause im still undecided about where to register my wedding gifts. for now, maybe parkson but have to find out whether i can use two stores because my wedding will be in Melaka but most friends and relatives are in KL/Selangor

there's still room for improvement on the postcard that's just my rough idea. i will pass the id file to my sister and let her finish it before next week. if she can find the time. or i would consider passing it to my brother. hurm. is there anyone else? sigh.

p/s: 我还是紧张

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11 Responses to Nervous or 紧张

  1. Cik Belle says:

    nice one. wow, so much long list-to-do eyh. huhu.. erm, i think ive seen ur pre-wedding/save the date video posted kat facebook la. betul ke? =))
    kalau betul, i nak cakap, cantiknya uuuuuu!!!! the video pun superb lah i tell u! =))

  2. i love it! vintage sangat! jelesnyierrr. sbb i always wanted a postcard invitation, but the map won't fit in. i don't think i can go without a map. tak sabar nak tengok depan postcard cemana... :D

  3. approximately 3 month to go.. evrythings gonna be fine zara.. =)

    mmg akan rasa kelam kabut skrg ni but u akan rasa lega skit once u balik dr jakarta nanti..definitely u'll hv a fast progress after that..

    just make sure u have timeline to follow.. i mean betul2 follow! :) all the best and good luck zara! hepi hunting kat jakarta nanti k!

    ps: love yr postcard invitation. i like =)

  4. Uuuu.. Love the postcard design! I wanted to do a postcard design too, but like Gadis Jumaat, I need to squeeze in a map... which would make my card look sangat berserabut.. Hurr hurr~ Lucky you, Miss Zara.

    All the best for your wedding preps! Bestneee tak lama lagi dah nak kawen!!

  5. harzharun says:

    hello dear...
    it ok to nervous...
    u'll miss dat wonderful feeling someday...

  6. Anonymous says:

    kad kawen kiter samerrrrrrr..
    the trick nak masukkan map tu la yang susah sket front side pon still in a mess!

  7. NahWaL says:

    mek thanks datang! tau ko datang pon dari bloggers. patot naik bilik cium2 perantin. sempat lagi kalau nak tarik. huhuhuhu. ramai tak dapat nak jmpe haritu. huhuhu . but thanks again tau!!! ko ok je , mana ada mok. ngada. huhuhu

  8. ZARA says:

    cik belle: salah!!! bukan i tu!!! i rasa belom post apa2 STD and what not. so definitely bukan!!! hehehe

    gadis jumaat: map? can fit.... i put it at the front. nnti i post the front k?

    miss maira: not 3 month! 2 month!!! nevertheless, thank u!!!!

    suzie sueweets: thanks dear!!! best eh? tak berapa nak best lah bile pikir2 pasal wedd preps... rasa nausea, and migrain!!!

    harzharun: yeke? i'll miss it? hehehe thanks dear for ur comfort words!

    sarah: a mess because of the map? mine is!!!

    nahwal: sama2. my pleasure. tapi kau cakap aku tak mok sbb kau nak jaga hati. sudah lah! admit it! hehehehe

  9. Anonymous says:

    zara: ha ahh..pasal map tuu serabut je letak.
    my brother suruh print map separately on tracing paper.

  10. Anonymous says:

    zara: ha ahh..pasal map tuu serabut je letak.
    my brother suruh print map separately on tracing paper.

  11. ZARA says:

    sara: a'ah, macam serabut. tapi i letak jugak kat depan. my sis tolong design kan kasi tak serabut.