My wedding singer

Honestly the excitement of Raya is long gone. Raya for me is nothing without grandparents to celebrate. Tapi 青包 on the first day adalah yg paling exciting! Since most of my Chinese relatives will be coming on the first of Raya ;)

Anyway. Insya-Allah, my brother will be singing for my wedding. My mother insisted but you know lah brother, they kinda have their own mind when it comes to siblings. Like my father, he tend to hide his feelings =p i know he loves me but he just dont want to let the whole world to know. like what im doing right now... he'll be furious if he finds out. So... hush hush darling!!

Spot my brother???

Here's a link to their page in FB if you wanna listen to their song. surprisingly, their songs are not bad. I love Miss June.

Though i adore them and their song. but i still want 'stolen' for our first dance. hehehe...

"I watch you spin around in your highest heels
You are the best one, of the best ones
We all look like we feel

You have stolen my
You have stolen my heart"

I will be wearing my highest heel *grins*

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7 Responses to My wedding singer

  1. waaahhh..lagi best..ur brother can sing, my brother played the instrument je..

    i told him, "abang, u better dun sing!"

    p/s: excited to see ur first dance with ur groom!

  2. ZARA says:

    serious? u told him that? my bro called up yesterday. kakak, dah dgr lagu aku? i said yes. i know he's been recording w his friends but dont know how serious it was at the time.

    oklah... sedap gak lah... tak lah hebat but sedap! hehehe

    p/s: im excited too!!! occasionally, whenever my fiance is in the wedding mood he'll play the song on his guitar for me. sangat excited aku terkinja-kinja! hahaha

  3. nuptiles says:

    wah coincidently my bro pun nyanyi for my wedding with his 3 piece band. Luckily dia mmg singer n perform kt concorde.
    wah u nak menari..sgt best. i dont have the gut n bravery. hehe.kena practice lah.

  4. chup! stolen by dashboard confessional ek? HAHA my fav tOo babe. baru ingat nak buat viddy wee-day HAHA :D

    p.s// i have no one to sing on my wee-day :(

  5. how cool is that? dear ini sangat sangat cool okay!! AND ow on the band dekat pavi tu too bad tak amik contact, excited sangat i guess? haha

  6. zara! :)

    i have to say, im about to go green with envy. ive always pictured myself dancing with my man on my wedding day, BUT i guess i'd have to strike that out. my other half isnt so crazy about the idea, plus hes a bit concerned with what his family thinks of that. so.. as envious as i am with you (in a good way ya? hehe), im very glad that someone else get to live my dream. we might not know each other but really, im so happy for you. :) have fun darling. nanti upload the video ok?

    ps: awesome choice of song. just perfect. :)

  7. ZARA says:

    nuptiles: well lucky u! at least dia takda lah stage fright ke apa nnti.

    i have the gut and nerve to dance but the good question would be can i dance? hahaha... we do practice now and then... huhhuhu

    lynda: if i can be at ur wedding maybe i can sing ;)

    huda: tulah!!! kalau ada sangat lah nak!!!

    the unreluctant bride: huhuhu thanks beb! my fiance ikut je apa i nak in hopes that lepas kahwin i will do the same for him. kuang kuang kuang...

    thanks so much for ur wish. and i will update the video lepas kahwin nnti. hihihihi